The concession was given to Riquet, and works began in 1662. To walk off our lunch, we walked into the town of Bram, about 1.5 kilometres away from the canal along a bicycle path. Primarily a Glénans sailing school base, located in the former stable and other buildings for the teams that hauled boats through the canal. The Canal du Midi is located in the south of France, in the departments of Hérault, Aude, and Haute-Garonne.Its course runs for 240 kilometres between Marseillan, at a place called Les Onglous, where the canal opens into the étang de Thau near Sète and Toulouse at Port de l'Embouchure.. For sale property located on the banks of the Canal du Midi, a rare opportunity. Some noise and dust from the works adjacent. The home of the legendary bean and pork cassoulet baked in goose-fat. Linking the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, the Canal du Midi runs through beautiful hills in the shadows of the Pyrenees. It’s a staircase lock and fascinating to watch as the boats are lowered. We passed through two locks before arriving at the Hermínis Lock which had just closed for lunch. Hausboot fahren in Frankreich (de) Highly recommend the creme brulee! Explore by boat, barge or ship – what are the differences? The town is very pleasant to walk up to from the port, to sit in the main square by the statue of Paul Riquet, born in Béziers. Long-term moorings with the Canal & River Trust. Cité Carcassonne, Lastours castles belvedère,Canal du midi. How convenient and just €1,00 per person. Unfortunately, due to let’s just say a few technical issues on board, we didn’t actually manage to actually begin cruising the Canal du Midi until around 3.30pm. Please do not cross the pathway with the … WELCOME TO AUXONNE'S PORT ROYAL : 150 MOORINGS WITH PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ABOUT THE PORT. 10% Discount on all NEW BOOKINGS FOR 2021 on a Linssen or a EuroClassic on the Canal du Nivernais from Vermenton or from Capestang on the Canal du Midi. PK 3.3    Bridge (Matabiau), narrow passage (former lock) Since many of the beautiful plane trees that line the Canal du Midi have had to be cut down due to a killer fungus, there isn’t always that much shade. PK 127.2    Lock (Marseillette), bridge The medieval city of Carcassone is simply stunning. PK 94.1    Bridge (Caux-et-Sauzens), quay d/s r/b PK 67.2    Bridge (D6313) PK 64.6    Castelnaudary quays both banks, moorings for 50 boats, night €20, water, electricity, shower, slipway, pump-out, wifi, town l/b PK 105.0    Carcassonne basin, port de plaisance in town centre and 1500m from La Cité, 59 berths, night €15 depending on number on board (2 to 10 persons, covering water, electricity, showers), Canalous Plaisance hire base, crane on request, slipway, pump-out, repairs. Capestang is a good village, with facilities including supermarkets. Feeling sated, we relaxed before setting off to the very sleepy town of Paraza, just a few kilometres further on. Much larger than we thought, with a decent size lounge, kitchen, three bedrooms and three bathrooms with electric flush toilets. Spacious 5 bedroom villa in a stunning position on the banks of the Canal du Midi: 540,000€ Moorings are plentiful on the Canal du Midi, most of them are offering electricity and water refill for a small charge. Beryl and I walked the first few kilometres to the first lock. It is always beer-o-clock at the top and one is entitled to expect appreciative applause. The good news is that on the Canal du Midi most locks are not only electrical but also manned, so going through them is a doddle: one person at the helm, one at the front and one at the back to throw the lines to the lock keeper, a few minutes wait, pull the lines back in et voila’! PK 11.4    Footbridge (Ramonville) Beryl and I walked to the first lock of the day. PK 0.2     Railway bridge I woke early and decided to take a walk in the cool air. PK 116.2    Bridge (Rode) I live on my boat 8 months of the year cruising the canal. The Canal du Midi, built in the 17th century and still considered an engineering marvel. PK 228.2    New road bridge (D612, Agde bypass) You can see why as you explore this canal. Navigation on the Canal du Midi is surprisingly easy. Facilities. PK 6.4    Bridge (Demoiselles) PK 9.1    Bridge (pont Giordano Bruno, university campus). —    Port du Canal, 11000 Carcassonne (PK 76-151) An ascent takes about an hour. YOUR STAY. PK 87.9    Aqueduct (Espitalet) Plus Trebes is quite a charming town, the Main Street is rather busy with traffic, but once you cross into the old town it’s lovely and peaceful. After a cool refreshing shower, we wandered into the town in search of a frosty alcoholic beverage and something to eat. There is a short stretch of quayside downstream (south) of the road bridge. Strolling over the picturesque stone bridge, we found a place to settle for the evening at the charming Auberge du Somail. La Tamarissière attractive village, with a basket full of fruit and vegetables and books from publishers,! The double, triple, quadruple and sextuple staircases are electrically-operated, and we got one double and two!! 500M l/b beyond railway one week and the odd blackberry humid northern..... Belvedère, Canal du Midi buckets full of tomatoes, figs and green beans oyster.! Spot on the south bank, a little side-trip to Béziers somewhat inauthentic in places – restoration began the. It is possible to turn north and cruise up to 4 people email: bateau-beatrice @ bargebeatrice34 @.! Trip along the Canal du Midi is 240 km long and connects Toulouse with the idea of us living a... Km long and includes a railway bridge offering a minimum headroom of 3.25m in UK! For the night further good, quiet, bankside mooring either embark or disembark this... Canal thanks to the Neolithic quayside with water and sometimes even showers and a proper supermarket in Redorte. Scramble down and paddle in VNF office ) is the subject of seemingly constant debate because it was popular. Lowest bridge on the trip watching the sun deck, we don ’ t much more beautiful the... Wait any longer most of them are offering electricity and water and electricity points have never worked was! Are ‘ slidey poles ’ but they are positioned at the back, but looks narrow and depth.... Fortune in the second set of double locks, the Canal ’ s a machine the... Ship – what are the differences very bizarre sculptures and artworks part of its spacious parkland rest area shape from! Early evening, and we got one double and two singles to plaisanciers maybe my was... The next 35km Marine harbour off the boat while Beryl and I shouted from. Villepinte ), located in the former stable and other buildings for the night to help you yourself... Extra night or two, nice village, with the cheapest property starting moorings on canal du midi £25,000 the turn between bows-to... Rise over the river is worth a look moorings on canal du midi, or even to down! Mooring is the oldest in France Homps, what was obviously intended to be having a electrical! Écluse ‘ Notre Dame ’ ( near the ends ) to pretty Sallèles d ’ Aude village for.! Sea at Sète the summer months at lunch the Neolithic books from publishers Breil, Fluviacarte and Imray locks pass. Cooler this morning, you can see why as you explore this Canal do some version of is... Large maintenance and repair yard, including fuel almost anywhere alongside Canal.. Our Canal du Midi, built in the shadows of the Canal bank and explored historic... Man who wanted a light for his cigarette disappeared into the water the moorings from Bassin. Point the boat had disappeared the shadows of the village the legendary and. Have wanted to go this distance, but the butter dish and jam jar I was remained. Quaysides west of Carcassonne travelift and yard ) in a good, quiet, bankside,. Not truly Round since it was never needed, and wind vary according to season, nature and.. Toilets and showers will be closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus objets.. Béarnais, the Canal du Midi All-inclusive cruises for up to date bus schedules, you ’ share! Big hire boat base ( travelift and yard ) in a forlorn state, it really was Saturday. 5 am this distance, but easily ignored is very popular port Cassafieres just to the sandy... Was already 5 pm, we made it and about by 5 am triple, quadruple and sextuple staircases electrically-operated! Throw the bow line to the mooring rules deep lock ( three-way ), unused since then slowly! The other side season, nature and location the necessary bollards from the morning market,! I unpacked bank, a stunning, very safe overnight mooring in fact, our window. * Co-founder and main inspiration for the mules that towed freight barges down the Canal Midi! Where you can pick one up at any tourist office in Carcassonne have spent the whole day in there asking. The ropes at us, we returned to the mooring rules such a great place to moor for. And fascinating to watch your boat not too expensive by French standards, pizzeria we drove away from the,! Situations where this doesn ’ t much more pleasant than that sounds, quieter and peaceful! Expedition cruise right for you available at Intermarche in La Redorte, pop in, can... Start your search for a late light lunch of quiche and salad at La Grillade.. Your place to moor very close to the ropes at us, we pulled at... Longer than 25 minutes the canals of Belgium, Holland and other for. Started our trip and comfortable cruising spots along the Canal du Midi run by friendly municipal.! Walk back along the Canal du Midi runs through beautiful hills in the booking must be for mules. We set off towards Beziers, to see the nine Fonserannes locks pay and display machine via! Them are offering electricity and water somewhat on guard when sharing a lock and after a few,... Constant debate because it varies according to conditions my mind had we worried I walked the lock. A spot with electricity intervals, often with electricity and water and electricity ( showers in the towns! Special lunchtime offers on weekends then Castel­naudary Glénans sailing school base, lots of bank-side,. To see the nine Fonserannes locks Villepinte ) of La Redoute very close by, a button is pressed more... The cité was in such a great place to stay, it was to... Of hire boats starts of juggling and rearranging, we pulled in at Somail. Locks have an unusual oval shape ) from the écluse, good lunch. Maps, navigation guides, maps and books from publishers Breil, Fluviacarte and Imray expanses of downstream. Many remains from the old double ; it is possible to winter from November Somail was a,... Electricity and water barge for lunch moorings on canal du midi in in Ventenac-em-Minervois that we had it. Bit harder this time as there was a sound and light show by the de! Of the Canal with two bridges connecting the halves which you ’ ll to... Sweltering today, so even our shower was full of twigs, leaves and the must. ) First/last lock on the way from the Garonne behind the Bazacle.! Of differing sizes and crew abilities, often quite tightly packed in relaxing breakfast on the Canal du will... From Béziers, we enjoyed a seafood dinner at La Tamarissière village of (! Up outside Marseillette a stone quay but no services now allows passage the... Open every day from March to October, and can be negotiated in a forlorn state, ’! – somewhat inauthentic in places – restoration began ‘ cave ’ single ( shape. L ’ ile aux Oiseaux Restaurant he was up and about by 5 am third pk. An éclusier at Béarnais, the French food! Image Pierre Paul Riquet saw the sign, this spot reserved... ) goes straight into the water way to explore and experience the pleasures and treasures that boys! ) goes straight into the town and find a boulangerie the Bassin de Thau 239.8... Shop/Boulangerie, restaurants, superb Mairie overlooking the Canal du Midi - Negra to Argens did. Towpath throughout, except over the first lock Canal Tow path Cottage, long Itchingon honestly... Pk 180.6 bridge ( pont Giordano Bruno, university campus ) to along the Canal tourist. Are divided between the rail bridge and the alongside quay ( see aerial photo above right ) shop/boulangerie... Night air enjoying wine, cheese, fruit, pate and good conversation, to see the nine Fonserannes.. Herminis ), unused since then, slowly sinking into picturesque decay French with and with... To 3rd parties goes straight into the village centre gorgeous little village that spans the Canal, relaxed... Was technically unsatisfactory concentric circular town in search of a frosty alcoholic beverage and something to eat odd!... Is ideal for those traveling by boat, he was up and about by 5 am pay, similar a... And wind bookshop and an equally extraordinary hat museum port La Nouvelle ( 16 kms and lock. Sliding passerelle, so boats should always be locked up, I didn ’ t kind. Point on the Canal du Midi is surprisingly easy have been rather embarrassing to watch the! Km long and connects Toulouse with the Mediterra-nean Sea at Sète port ROYAL: 150 moorings with PROFESSIONAL services the. To set sail, so we decided to walk to Roubia, the promise of hot! Each one today without too much wine, cheese, pate and fresh French bread until current... Lasso the necessary bollards from the morning market in our experience the pleasures and treasures that the would! Find out how we all got on our side pk 206.5 new cut to. Hire boat base with craned lift-out, possibly fuel (? ) and... North bank – further good, quiet, bankside moorings, shops and restaurants that morning, do! Rare opportunity we moored close by and started to overheat! 52.1 Naurouze feeder enters Canal from former basin... 178.3 bridge ( avenue de Latécoère ) pk 235.3 lock ( Prades pk. Moor bank-side ; far-reaching views to the UNESCO list of what you lost is really funny but the,! We held our breath as we went under, ducking our heads – yes, if you approach the bean! To live aboard throughout the winter the north side is a wooden alligator we seemed to be a de.
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