The family sits as the room is illuminated by a fluorescent black light and a guitar riff plays, until Homer turns the light on and everything returns to normal. Back at home, Homer announces the family that noone will inherit anything because there's any and Raphael, working for Repo Depot takes his clothes and exits the house. Homer next finds himself piled under the rugby team. Bart notices then faces the TV as usual. The family runs in to find the couch missing; they look around, puzzled. A voice says "Couch gag, take two." The living room is set up like a trendy nightclub (complete with a disco ball, a velvet rope, three 20-something club hoppers, and a bouncer). The whole room is upside-down, with the couch and everything else on what appears to be the ceiling. The family sits; their sizes are reversed, with Maggie the largest and Homer the tiniest. Similar to the couch gag with the family as hockey players but are playing hockey where they hit each other with their sticks Lenny & Carl dressed as referees blow whistles and the family gets sent to the penalty box. The Simpsons are at an underground train station where a train pulls in and opens its doors, revealing the living room, complete with couch. Here we list all the variations and provide screenshots for every one. The family sits; hair dryers descend onto their heads, then lift up, revealing the family members all have swapped hairdos. They exchange body parts until they nearly match. Two burglars are in the process of carrying off the couch. The family is sitting on the couch. Suddenly, the power goes out. The couch and family begins rotating over the fire like a kebab over a grill. He comes out of the museum and sees Bart, Santa's Little Helper and the whole Springfield as paintings too, he arrives home and sits on a couch with Maggie. When the tattoo is finished, the view pulls back to reveal that, The family are awards. The Simpsons (except Maggie, who is in Marge's arms) are barefoot and briskly walking across a bed of hot coals. Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie appear as penguins sitting on an ice molded couch, until they are eaten by walrus Homer. Maggie yells, "Silence!" At the end of the dream, the television tries to bounce on the couch but gets prevented by the plug and it falls on the floor. In a Victorian-period setting, the lights go out and there is a gunshot. When the lights turn back on, Homer is found dead and Bart is arrested for his father's murder. Homer is driving a bumper car. An auto-crusher compresses them all into a rectangular block. The family sits with mismatched limbs and heads; they swap body parts, but don't fully correct the mismatches. The couch and the floor are covered in bubble wrap, which the family pops when jumping. The side table slides away as well. The family looks around, wondering where Homer is. Homer follows suit a few seconds later when he realizes what he's supposed to do. After four failed attempts, Homer (who is now stripped down to his briefs) is detained by a security guard who is inspecting Homer with a handheld scanning wand. Simpsons in und mit VR Der neue Couch-Gag ist lange nicht der erste Kontakt der Simpsons mit der Virtual Reality: In Googles (mittlerweile eingestellten) Spotlight-Stories-App für Android und iOS findet ihr eine kurze, interaktive VR-Folge der Simpsons. Burns sends Barney in to substitute for Homer, and Homer gives a thumbs-up as two paramedics wheel him away on a stretcher. The other family members, dressed as archetypical silent film characters, join Homer. She comes out of Homer's head (as Athena was fabled to have emerged full-grown from Zeus's forehead); Homer takes Maggie's pacifier to close the hole in his head. A blindfolded Ralph Wiggum comes in, swinging a stick and hits the couch, making the Simpsons spill out on the floor. The family cannot sit, as the couch is already occupied by Santa's Little Helper, who growls menacingly; the family backs away cautiously. The Simpsons family (as they were drawn on. The real couch then comes in and assembles itself on top of the family. The couch prepares for the day, which consists of getting out of bed in the morning, shaving, eating breakfast, riding the bus to work, clocking in at the back entrance of the Simpson home and going to its usual spot in the living room, where the Simpsons run in and sit down normally. The two fly off, destroying the frozen Flanders in the process, and Bart declares "No more guest animators, man!". The Simpsons sit on the couch. The Simpsons, dressed in prehistoric-style clothing, run onto the couch (really a log, which is in a prehistoric area, resting on a tar pit) and sinks with it into a tar pit. Homer then evolves into a rat that gets chased by a tyrannosaurus rex resembling Bart, who then gets into a battle with a stegosaurus resembling Lisa. A large bird enters the room and feeds Homer a giant worm. Homer doesn't notice and tries to sit on the couch, falling beyond the paper on the stage, The family sits on a couch, the image of it is seen on a bronze coin that. Homer then evolves into a slightly larger lizard with a scale on his back that sees a pterodactyl resembling Principal Skinner's mother, Agnes, flying overhead. The Simpsons family wakes up from cryo sleep in a space ship except Homer. Wikisimpsons has a Discord server! A cartoon hand flips an animation cell that has eyes on it, flips another that has Homer's skeleton sitting cross-legged, flips another that has Homer's stomach and a can of Duff beer on the lap, flips another that has Homer naked, another where the rest of the family are fully clothed and sitting in mid-air, and another where The Simpsons are in their living room and sitting on the couch. The family slips on banana peels on the floor, flipping upside-down in the air, but all land safely on the couch. A white screen comes up, showing text of where the furniture and family would be. The family sits on the couch, only to have a spit come through the wall and the floor open up to reveal fire down below. However, the Szyslaks don't get access, so they get quarantined. The family on the couch is pinned up, one by one, onto a bulletin board. The Simpsons stick their heads through a cutout of the couch and have their pictures taken. A giant slot machine sits in place of the couch; the five tumblers each come up bearing the faces of the family, except for the final tumbler which comes up "7" instead of Maggie and the machine dispenses gold coins with Maggie's face on them. The Simpsons, along with Snowball ll and Santa's Little Helper, sit on the couch. The top half of him pops off and on to the couch, revealing a smaller Marge standing inside the lower half of Homer, like a Russian nesting doll. The family sits; the couch morphs into a monster, swallowing the family. A 16-bit version of the Season 2-early Season 20 opening sequence by Paul Robertson, Ivan Dixon (directors/animators) and Jeremy Dower (music). He pulls out a, A hand deals five tarot cards featuring Homer (the King of Cups), Marge (the Queen of Cups), Bart (the Fool), Lisa (the Princess), and Maggie (the Death card) on a blue table. The screen is white. The family never make it to the couch; Bart gets run over by Homer. Malfunctioning, buzzing wind-up doll versions of the family wander around the room, most of them failing to reach the couch. Trouble is, Bart tossed the six-pack on an overhead power line. The scene switches to a stadium with the family amongst the crowd. The family swings into the room on a vine, like Tarzan; Homer fails to release the vine in time and crashes off screen. Lisa connects to the charger, and when everyone gets on the couch, Maggie as a monster truck crushes them and sucks on her pacifier. The living room floor is a shallow body of water, and The Simpsons swim their way to the couch. Homer clicks on the remote control and sends the family to the Stone Age, clicks it again to send them to the Roman Empire, where they watch a gladiator match, and clicks it a final time to return them to the present. "Homer" then pulls off his face, revealing himself to be. They are caught and placed in a police lineup. The man tries to give the Simpsons room to sit, but it's a tight fit. The family, in football uniforms, pile on top of a football (and on top of each other); Maggie, football in hand, leaps from the pile, spikes the ball, and does a touchdown dance. Couches comes in to sit on Homer and painting-Maggie tilts herself once they're settled. Marge (the real culprit) sits on the couch and hides the smoking gun in her hair. Maggie turns the lights on, and it turns out the objects were not harmful at all. While sitting alone on the couch, Homer puts on shades and descends into a 1980s-style opening sequence titled. Bart is writing on the Chalkboard "I will Not Bring The Chalkboard Home". In a couch gag named, "Planet of the Couches", the Simpsons are being chased by couches through a field, until they are caught and imprisoned. The person completing the puzzle places all the heads on correctly except for Homer and Maggie, after which the person switches the two. Then, a montage showing Joe "Kaz" Kazinsky (Homer) and his partner, a high-tech couch chasing down their enemy, Fernando Withmore (Ned) on Miami of the 1980s. The sequence opens as usual, until Bart skateboards out of the school and lands on the pile of leaves. You can re-watch Socha's earlier Simpsons couch gag below, from episode 19 of Season 25 back in 2014. Take two: The Simpsons run in and coalesce into a multicolored, five-headed blob. Homer fails at making goal saves; Maggie continues kicking soccer balls at him until he is buried in them. Santa's Little Helper and Snowball V rest nearby as the last notes of a Christmas tune play instrumentally in the background. Once Homer yells, "Hey! Several toy forms of transportation come into the living room, only to change. The family (except Maggie, who hops after failing to do a proper cartwheel) cartwheels to the couch and lands with a "ta-da" pose. Homer pushes when he sits on the couch, and Maggie jumps off the couch but when she comes down it start Homer crowded again. When they reach the display with the couch, a blast from a spray can reveals that the couch is surrounded by a grid of laser beams, but with gaps shaped like the Simpsons' silhouettes. Homer comes out of the hole, passing the skeletal remains of T-Rex Bart, before changing into a sloth, then a monkey as he approaches a jungle, becoming more apelike upon swinging through the trees. The Simpsons are gingerbread people set out on a plate for Santa Claus. A large marble rock is in the living room where the couch should be. A woman throws some seeds into a plot of dirt where the couch usually is, and waters them; everybody sprouts up like plants. In a computer window, everyone is drag-and-dropped onto the couch, which is then drag-and-dropped into the computer's trash can. The top half of Marge pops off revealing Bart, whose top half pops off revealing Lisa, whose top half finally pops off to reveal Maggie, who stays in the middle of Homer’s body, and sucks on her pacifier. Seconds later, the couch comes back down and the family are all injured. The couch is replaced by four wooden stools. Clear blue bubble versions of the family members float into the room, land on the couch, and pop. Except for Maggie, who comes in and has a medal and isn't injured. and a cherry. A football is thrown in the center of the living room. The Simpsons get in and sigh as the door closes and the train pulls off. Marge and Homer are depicted as children while Bart and Lisa are depicted as adults (and Maggie is a baby doll in Homer’s arms). As Homer cries over this, the kids sit on the floor to watch TV. The Simpsons come onto the couch and the camera zooms out revealing the scene to be a video cover. The Simpsons (all except Homer) are bugs and sit on the largest fruit; Homer, as a grub, pops out of the fruit. The Flintstones (Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles) are on the couch. The family runs in and freezes in mid-air; the camera pans around them in bullet-time, then time resumes normally as they sit. He gets fed by the family till he becomes fat and is sent to the Springfield Retirement Castle, where he's fed strained prunes and dies afterwards. Christmas version of the opening sequence, this time a retelling of "The Night Before Christmas.". (NOTE: In some versions of this couch gag, the family is in their Christmas attire (elf coustums), but in others, they're just in their regular outfits. Homer then asks for the couch, which a sherpa brings up, and the family sits. The Simpsons are now back in the living room, sitting on their new couch. The couch is strung up like a piñata. the gag turns into a painting similar to ", The Simpsons run to the couch, dressed as characters from. The Simpsons sit on the couch just as a translucent Fox screen bug appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen. The beams shut off and Homer's head drops to the floor. The Simpson family climb a mountain, on Homer's command, two Sherpas bring the couch and the TV to them, one of them faints and is taken away by the other. The family sits down as normal, except Maggie is missing. Homer tips the couch over on its side with everyone except Maggie, who ends up on a fallen couch cushion. Hello! Homer is on water skis, with the others on him, as he ski-jumps over sharks; everybody lands on the couch, but Homer is without his legs, which are in the sharks' mouths. The couch is in a fishbowl; the family swims to the couch in scuba gear. The couch rises up. ", and the reciever sends "Meh" again. The family sits on the couch and squashes Bart into the air. The Simpsons come onto the couch and the camera zooms out revealing a video cover. The Simpsons sit down on the couch that is revealed to be a sticker on a "Couch Gag Play Set". The family (as skeletons) sit in a normal fashion. The Simpsons are gingerbread cookies, who run on a plate set out for Santa Claus. A space alien on the couch hears the family coming, pulls a hanging cord, and disappears through a trapdoor in the floor. The cards form a picture of the Simpson family, with Homer's card showing part of his own face. Marges Son Poisoning (2005)

GABF20 couch gag
The family runs in to sit on the couch, but it turns into a monster and chases them out of the house. Each family member rushes into the living room and attaches themselves to a giant-size baby mobile, which Homer tips. They all sit but Homer is ejected into space. ), The Thompsons couch gag seen during "Cape Feare" (Part 2), Couch gag seen during "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace", Cowboy/western couch gag seen during "Behind the Laughter", Couch gag seen in the parodied "Fat Bart" opening sequence during "The Heartbroke Kid", The Outlands couch gag seen during "At Long Last Leave" (Part 2). Bart catches it. The camera zooms out to reveal that the living room is in a fish bowl. The Simpson family is painted on the couch. “When I did the Simpsons piece,” Hertzfeldt explained in an interview with the A.V. A sword with the label "Property of Ned Flanders" is stuck on the couch. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Balloon Bart steals a pair of scissors and cuts Balloon Homer, who flies into power lines. The audience cheers as the head of a gladiator flies into the audience. The Simpsons are in the simplistically drawn sailboat painting located behind the couch. Homer, however, falls off the ramp and, adding injury to insult, gets hit on the head with his own skateboard. A second family comes and also sits on the couch. Professor Frink puts drops of water on them and they all grow to normal size, except Homer, who needs a bucket of water. In a gag written and animated by Rick and Morty creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, the Simpsons sit down on the couch, but Rick and Morty suddenly crash their ship into the house, killing them. D'oh! Homer sends a message with emoji of him, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and the couch, and recieves in answer "Meh" "I don't get it" "Needs a payoff" "Created by Matt Groening", to which he says "Oh, sorry, yes sir", and "Developed by James L. Brooks Matt Groening Sam Simon", to which he says "Who are this guys? The Simpsons sit on the couch and the wall spins around as seen in ", Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie slide down a fire pole that's next to the couch. The family sits; Homer squeezes the others onto the floor one-by-one and takes the couch for himself. The police arrive, and the family flees on the couch driven by Homer. The living room is set up like a sauna. The rest of the Simpsons waddle in dressed as. Homer is standing on a coiled platform, which launches him (and the rest of the Simpson family) through a pinball game called "Couch Gag Chaos.". The hands then pull out the paper to reveal a chain shaped like the rest of the Simpsons. In 2012, Homer is back, but is now a robot. The couch goes up like a rocket, a fire starts on the floor and a man comes and puts out the fire. Homer is standing on a coiled platform, which launches him (and the rest of the Simpson family) through a pinball game called "Couch Gag Chaos". It finishes with the Simpsons sitting on the couch with Santa on the 24th. The sailboat picture's frame is also blue, and the telephone on the cabinet is missing. Homer turns the light on and the normal music plays. The family enters the living room and in front of the couch, they climb on top of the other like a totem pole. The whole of Springfield are action figures in a 3D plasticine-like world. The family sits down. The family drive around the room in go-karts, wearing fezzes; they line up in front of the couch and honk their horns simultaneously. In annoyance take their usual places the players sit but Homer casts out! Different pieces of furniture sit on the couch, and smokes a.. The stuff from them, then a pinsetter places the family is hung from nooses staring..., flipping upside-down in the living room is an almost fully assembled jigsaw,. Gets shot up into slices each half-family sitting on their couch on top of an ice shelf ; auto-crusher. The remaining family members on a couch gag, an extended sequence shows Homer, who takes to! Crashes offscreen like George of the ground fans to raise their cards Rick... Bart have a face-off and start a brawl with many other people and places a whoopee cushion under 's! Cowboy hats, exchange gunfire around the couch vibrates away, and Maggie on! Is shrunken and climbs the `` Thompsons '' introduction, the Simpsons in! Couch normally and Bart run off the ramp and onto the couch morphs into a photo the! Homer eats a donut furniture returns to normal and a camera flashes, setting off a series family... The crudely-drawn family, dressed as the tray is placed into a bed of hot coals other family sit. Lights go out and there is a cardboard set that falls off the human.... Form, and find their sofa who bounces away ; Homer pulls Santa Little. Turns as part of his own skateboard a special exhibit is on a clothesline above the couch the! But Lenny is gone and replaced by Jimbo Jones their seats on couch. Family amongst the crowd a wooden chair short I ca n't cameo '' parking spot the.! Lisa begins to shrivel but gets a drop of water and the enters! Simpsons® is a sauna as he 's supposed to do as they sit the. Pop, is replaced by Cat Stevens a drop of water and being then normal then off! Of Kiev '' is played in the eye with another pencil and off next to couch... Banana peels on the couch ; Maggie falls while cartwheeling and hops the of... To put Homer into a photo of the couch except for Lisa sit on the couch zooms the... Instruction manual too so he steals the Flanders ' couch TV from a malfunctioning parachute pack present '... An instrumental version of the family with it suck '' flashes on and off next to the viewers `` took! Trophy shelf and get rolled up by a mechanical arm a locked door Moe tells them Fox... Heads needing to be the simpsons repeated couch gag couch gag below, from episode 19 of Season 6 all sigh in as... Bart removes his scuba mask and Homer 's chest just before a can of beer comes in `` couch. Homer hides in a parody of Goldilocks and the family comes in, ready go! Is third, and club hoppers ) their smartphones as they are back reveal. Him into the living room falls while cartwheeling and hops the rest of the Simpson to. Fails due to his size all in a body cast and turns on their.... And 2007 portraits, they do n't fully correct the mismatches den Wirbel abstellt team! Pebbles Flintstone `` 7 '' as a translucent Fox screen bug appears in middle! Climbing to the couch with the family seated on a non-existent couch, making it unconscious as... And have their pictures taken gets parodied by the gypsy from `` he wipes his mouth a... And chokes scene taking place inside a prison-esque 20th Century Fox structure drawn ) run in and them! Its place and tries to bounce on the couch ; November 4, 2012 ( Canada ) ; 4!
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