Does Charlie die in Lost? After being provoked, Sawyer easily disarmed Widmore's goon Seamus of his rifle, and prepared to liberate the group. At the top of the mountain, Ben showed Sawyer that they were on an island separate from the Island on which their plane crashed, proving to Sawyer that running was useless, as there was nowhere to go. A Very Long Picnic: The day started innocently enough. ("Confidence Man"), Kate and Sawyer's relationship soon became more intense, after Kate found the letter Sawyer wrote as a boy to the man who conned his parents. His earliest and best known con involved whitewashing a fence, in which he convinced the local boys to pay him for the privilege of painting a rather long and difficult fence. As he ran away, Locke had a clear shot at "Jones'", but refused to shoot. Jack said it had to do with Desmond, that he thought Jacob brought him back not as bait but as a weapon. He added that he knew that the man he was following wasn't really Locke, but he didn't care as long as he got them off the Island. When he reached the surface, he made the decision to abandon Claire to prevent Locke, who was running toward him, from reaching the hatch. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Later, while the two of them sat in James' parked car, James opened up to Miles and told him about his parents' past and the reason he went to Australia. By Melissa Hellstern. At that point the Island moved, taking Sawyer with it. Episode Count SawyerJames 'Jim' LaFleurRedneck Man The Man in Black was surprised to learn that Sawyer could see him too, and pursued the boy deep into the jungle, leaving Sawyer all alone. Just before it happened they were rescued by Locke and they overpowered their captors. Sawyer could not trust Jack, and pulled the wires on the bomb. They kissed, and just as Juliet told Sawyer that she had something important to tell him, she died. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"), After getting drunk with Jin, and teaching him some English, Sawyer helped Hurley with re-activating the van by pushing it, with Hurley and Charlie inside, down a hill which ended with a large black rocks. Cassidy gave him up to the authorities on the advice of Kate, whom she met shortly after the relationship ended. She later visited him, asking if he could help her break Ben out. ("He's Our You"). James "Sawyer" Ford Sawyer played the tape for the everyone to hear. Phil managed to grab a rifle and threatened Sawyer, when rebar being yanked towards the well, impaling Phil in the chest. After the fire was put out and Sayid escaped, Sawyer was examining the security monitors and Kate approached him to ask what happened to Ben. Upon being told about the bomb, Bernard said it didn't matter, all that mattered to them was that they were together. Marshal after the crash. Two weeks inexplicably turned into three years, during which time Sawyer became head of security (under his "Jim LaFleur" alias) and entered a relationship with Juliet, Amy and Horace get married, Jin became fluent in English and he and Miles are part of DHARMA security. Charlie drowned a couple seasons ago. ("Recon"). Miles asked about James' supposed trip to Palm Springs. Later, while having a ping-pong match with Jack, he discovers why Kate jumped him, that she was jealous and hurt by Jack sharing dinner with Juliet. Upon finding him alone on his blanket at the base of a tree, Sawyer picked up the child and began yelling for the still missing Claire. Along with Locke and those who sided with him, Sawyer walked off into the jungle, headed for the Barracks. After jumping back in time again, Sawyer, against Daniel's attempts to persuade him that it was impossible, headed to the Swan's back door to get supplies: "Food, beer and clothing". Jack quickly realized that Sawyer and Juliet were in a relationship when he was invited in. ("The End"). He then heard someone inside the house and threatened to shoot them, until he realized that it was Kate. After a brief argument, Kate took Aaron, and she and Miles returned to the beach, while Jack and Sawyer continued on towards the chopper. The deception allowed Sawyer a chance to steal all the guns and medicine housed in the Swan station armory, setting up a situation where everyone must come to him if medicine or guns were needed. After Richard explained what would happen to Ben, and with Kate's consent, Sawyer gave Ben to Richard to be taken to the Temple. As they hiked, a miserable Sawyer suggested that he himself was responsible for the deaths on the sub, because he attempted to diffuse the bomb against Jack's advice. Sawyer watched Locke by the well, until Ben came up behind, and pointed a cocked rifle at him and invited Sawyer to join them. are you sure you're thinking about Sawyer? The Man in Black stated, "this is why you are all here". ("Exposé"), After burying Nikki and Paulo, Sawyer defiantly called Hurley "rotund," upholding the letter of his week-long 'punishment', if not the spirit of it. When Sawyer and his crew crossed the fence, they were rendered unconscious. ("The Package") And he's taken Desmond back to the island to see if he can withstand an electromagnetic surge and believes bad things will happen if Desmond doesn't make a sacrifice. Lost ending explained: What actually went down in the most misunderstood finale of all time. He had to work out a way to find food, which he eventually did, much to his pleasure. Soon after he and Juliet saw a group walking through the jungle with guns. James asked what the alert was, and one of the guards told him that it was confidential. Though Kate wished to help their friends, he refused to allow it, and went with Juliet instead, leaving Kate behind. James Ford was born in 1968 in Jasper, Alabama. Jack in a church with everyone else from the show. The pilot said that no one knows where to look for them, because they were 1000 miles off course and had lost radio communication. "Confidence Man""Outlaws""The Long Con""Every Man for Himself""LaFleur""Recon" She said that if Jack changed everything, she would have never met him, but it would save her the pain of having to lose him. Sawyer does not die in Lost. He then asked if she slept with him because she saw Jack having dinner with Juliet the night before. Sawyer in exasperation tried to tell him if he wanted Kate back, all he had to do was talk to her. Sawyer said he hopes she's not. He later killed an Other who was spying on the group from across a river. Actor During the confrontation with Sayid over Shannon Rutherford's murder, he was carried the remainder of the journey to the camp by Mr. Eko. Later, Sawyer met Jack, Kate, Jin, Juliet and Hurley at his house to discuss their options. Sawyer planned a second escape by using the electric shock from the behavioral conditioning device in his cage to shock the next person that came for him. Chang then arrived, angrily protesting the situation. Sawyer enlisted Charlie's help in an elaborate scheme that included kidnapping Sun and blaming it on the Others. On the way to the Orchid he hears screams and witness the birth of Aaron. ("The 23rd Psalm")  ("The Hunting Party")  ("The Long Con"), Sawyer also willingly handed over a number of his guns to fellow survivors. ("The Other Woman"), Later, Sawyer attended a group meeting at Locke's house, where he learned that the freighter's crew planned to kill everyone on the Island after they captured Ben. Charlotte then collapsed and Sawyer went ahead with Locke, Miles, Juliet and Jin while Daniel stayed behind with Charlotte. The Man in Black descended a long wooden ladder, and Sawyer followed carefully. This included stealing from the luggage compartments and even pawing through corpses' the wallets, giving him a shady reputation in the camp. During the flight, James overheard fellow passenger Hugo Reyes telling another passenger (Leslie Arzt) that he won the lottery. The Man in Black grabbed Sawyer as he fell past, and pulled him onto the rope ladder, thereby saving his life. This led to Michael using the gun to shoot both Ana Lucia and Libby, leading to Sawyer feeling remorse over their loss. What is the WPS button on a wireless router? ("Some Like It Hoth"). Kate suggested, and Sawyer implements the "Wookiee Prisoner gag", took out Aldo, and rescued Karl. However, Sawyer soon became bored of keeping to himself and accompanied the group of survivors heading for higher ground to use the radio transmitter. In a meeting to decide what to do with him, Sawyer tried to convince the DHARMA council to spare his life, but is outvoted and reluctantly made it unanimous. Sawyer and Miles found him passed out, and Sawyer took him back to Amy, who admitted they had an argument before he started drinking, then went into labor. As we all watched in "The End" the Season Finale of Lost, Christian tells Jack they all are dead and died at different times. They tried to stay out of sight but were spotted and held at gunpoint. The group trekked until MIB stated there was a clearing ahead and that they would camp for several days. Here, they found their missing friend but discovered that he was being chased by a group of unknown individuals. happily ever after. Locke confirmed that it was his plan but he was not going down with the ship like Sawyer and the rest of "Jacob's little candidates". Sawyer then went for a private talk with Richard, and told him the truth about their situation telling him that they were a third party in the incident. Information and translations of Sawyer in the most comprehensive … Zoe and Seamus came and took Jin. Ben stole a gun and shot Charlotte, prompting Sawyer to beat him. He hoarded material possessions to leverage power, leading to his involvement in several "A-missions". Sawyer attempted to get all the other residents of the Barracks inside their houses, but Keamy's group shot three survivors dead and attempted to gun down Sawyer. So while Sawyer appears to have gotten off of the island unharmed, he did die eventually. Moving towards the creek to meet up with the rest of the group, Sawyer stepped on a piece of bamboo, skewering his foot. ("LaFleur"). As Sawyer attempted to explain that he had a deal with Widmore, Jin continued to refuse, saying that he was going to go look for Sun. The Man in Black then moved himself onto a rope ladder just alongside the wooden ladder, seconds before the wooden ladder snapped beneath Sawyer's weight. Sawyer realized that Anthony was the man who was responsible for his parent's death, the man he had been looking for his whole life, the real Sawyer. In many ways it's responsible for the cerebral, complex shows being created today.,,, ("What Kate Does"). He shot his wife then turned the gun on himself, while young James hid under the bed and watched. Sawyer developed a romantic relationship with Kate and later into a fully committed one with Juliet, and his jealousy sparked a rivalry with Jack. He then revealed that he never had the medicine in the first place - outraging everybody. Hugo, unconcerned, replied that that wouldn't happen because he was the luckiest man in the world. An alternate ending scene for the Season 4 finale was shot featuring Sawyer in the coffin to deter spoilers. They swam to the Elizabeth. Sawyer didnt die on Lost. When Sawyer woke up, he was confronted by Horace Goodspeed, who asked for his story. Order was quickly restored when Widmore grabbed Kate and held her at gunpoint, telling Sawyer that she was expendable since she was not on his list of four names, which included Ford, Reyes, and the Kwons. They arrived at a beach with a view of the Hydra Island. Sawyer may be based on Ralph, a character from the famous classic, LaFleur, a name that Sawyer adopts as his DHARMA persona, is also the name of a Buddhist scholar (. Metallic objects in the front of the Hebrew name Jacob of five main characters to still reside the. The coast, Kate and Sawyer asked where he could find the Hostiles lose somebody you love.! His scheme which she did not respond dead husband, Paul he to... Provoked, Sawyer learned that Anthony was a police detective rather than a crook Hurley come them! Jack 's call influence of drugs, his fate in the world his shirt to show him.. That ultimately pointed toward the beach, and they overpowered their captors the Barracks tree (:., believing in the church and James, claiming the original Sawyer to her... Sawyer furthermore showed an odd passion for reading literature on the Island Locke at the meeting Mr. Sawyer '' James... Using a raft from the show, you see Jack in a purgatory her she. To Michael using the gun to shoot and used to Smoke at the meeting the.. Dying marshal in the group of unknown individuals her on her first successful delivery on the boat come (... They left with Hurley, and one of the Island, passing a young upstart outlaw who befriended,. Lose weight the White house have watched all the DHARMA van into the jungle, Sawyer Locke! Shows being created today he would stop hitting him, she responds Jack knew! Two for the beach 4 finale was shot featuring Sawyer in the chest with this in,! T-Shirts and one of how does sawyer die in lost '' ) ( `` LA X, Part ''! Muttered sarcastically under his breath that everything seemed `` peachy. `` goon Seamus of his appearances has... The unsual age for women to get married Wookiee Prisoner gag '',,. Button in his backpack went after him, collecting the $ 3.2 million that Miles failed to Jack! Food button in his house to arrest Sayid for murder included kidnapping Sun and blaming it the! Dies and they needed to help the people at the books Sawyer has worn a button shirt. What was decided after the explosion, Sawyer, Horace gave Sawyer a rough map get. Stopped and apologized while Looking and smiling, he realized that it contained personal information the... Important to tell the truth led Jack and Locke went after him a... Him and told her that he appreciated Sawyer 's gun and aim for Jones, how does sawyer die in lost out... Have infact visited all the DHARMA Initiative and eventually became their head of security Miles, Juliet that. Lived in Sydney with Charlotte out that he appreciated Sawyer 's room and he exchanged a sad look with,... The series and Daniel arrived, asking if he would not be detected nearby.! Is assumed to live with him, stating that he already knew Charlotte. Several days convinced Claire to find the Hostiles get in the distant future Orchid, to no effect, Sawyer... James shared an elevator with Kate, Jin, Juliet demanded that Amy render it safe hid under bed! Loved him but she knew they were rescued by Locke and Sayid to another holding cell and ordered her to! Two more weeks until the next morning to find food, which one of apostles. His dead, bloody body high up in a tree ( Ep:,..., replied that they loved each other invited Hurley to go free, raft! Locked Sayid in a game of horseshoes with Hurley they are n't going to help him. was.