Arlong gruffly obliged calling Jinbe his "brother" since they grew up as orphans in the Fish-Man District together. He jumps to one of the chains on the underside of Noah, growling about Decken but citing its a good situation. Franky and Chopper ask if its because they are human, (Sanji calling them out on that) which Jinbe confirms, telling them some refugee still hold grudges against humans and asks them to leave it to him. However, some plants which Usopp calls "Humandrake" jump out at Daruma and knock him down. Pappag is wary though as Whitebeard never asked for collateral and assume that Big Mom is seeing her protection from a business perspective. Brook proclaims he will show him the chill of the underworld. Hody then explains that while he respected Arlong, he was too barbaric in his methods and thus the New Fish-Man Pirates have apparently learned from their mistakes and prepared. Irritated by this, Hody calls out Surume to take care of them. [26], With the brief reprieve, Luffy hops to Megalo and wakes him up before asking Chopper about Sanji's condition. Plus, how they were "chosen" by the heavens to "rain down punishment" on the humans. Last but not least, this list reaches the one person in this series who is guaranteed to have the most fights in this… Koala stated that she is but wants to see her mother again so she gathered the courage to come aboard their ship, begging them not to kill her. Manboshi and Ryuaboshi brings up some other points such as the pirates that have stopped coming to the island thinking it to be Hody's doing. While he is asking why she is in the Sea Forest, Chopper tells Franky that he is going to lower Hatchan down from Megalo and he should be ready to grab him. Luffy, not intimidated by its massive size and appearance, decides to tame it. 215 1 3. And the island's residents which include Hatchan, Camie, Pappag, the Mermaid Cafe, and the Princess, say their goodbyes. Jinbe explains that Fish-Man Karate makes use of all surrounding water, including those in living organisms which allows him to attack anything even a rubberman such as Luffy. Dosun spins, swinging his hammer wildly toward Chopper. Upon seeing the two, Hatchan warns them of the incoming attack by the New Fish-Man Pirates and that they need to leave. Otohime chastised him, commenting that was no excuse for his actions as it will just continue the cycle of suffering. Hody responds by stabbing Decken with his trident, then ask Decken what would happen to the ship if he were to die. Hatchan warns Sanji and Chopper of an attack by the New Fish-Man Pirates. Jinbe figures as long as Hody does not find out about her Shirahoshi not knowing about the ability, then they have a chance. 2. share. It is then revealed that the Fish-Man District started out as a home for orphans, but over time it became corrupted due to its evil mangers. Seeing it going away from the palace, Decken hops on, promising that if Shirahoshi is with someone else, then she is better off dying in a sea of blood. Shakky joins him commenting on how quickly the Straw Hats left. They are widely acknowledged by the kingdom and its populace. [18], Back in the Noah District, a group of pirates are fleeing back to their ship. Tiger then ordered his crew that they are gonna take Koala home no matter what. The New Fish-Man Pirates gather at Gyoncorde Plaza. The Straw Hats pinky swearing with Shirahoshi that they will return and visit her again. Brook and the Minster of the Right rush back to the the others to inform them of the surprise attack and of Shirahoshi's disappearance. claiming that her mother was an amazing woman which the princess also agrees with stating she feels comfortable around Nami even if they have just met. Jinbe continues with saying the World Government now marks him alongside Red-Haired, Kaido, Big Mom and labels him as one of the Four Emperors. Hody, Decken, and their crews on their way to invade Ryugu Palace. Franky concludes that the crew would have been in trouble if Caribou was not such an idiot. One of the guards gets to his feet and pulls out some dynamite, citing if he can at least take out one of the leaders he would have done his job before the princes arrive. She agrees much to the disapproval of the citizens. He explains that after Sengoku recommended that Aokiji take the position. They suddenly hear that Fisher Tiger has came back into town and the two went to greet him. Neptune attacks but Zoro intercepts him, having broken out of his prison upon hearing the "party" going on. Ryuboshi agrees but puts the topic on hold to focus on the upcoming battle and calls all of the country's troops to arms. Shyarly lets Camie take the day off to show Luffy and Usopp around town. Hyouzou goes on saying that it would be bad if Luffy dies unaware that the Straw Hat had developed an immunity to poison. [32], The Sun Pirates succeeded in escaping but Tiger was critically wounded and in need of a blood transfusion. But its too late as Hyouzou slashes at a few of them thinking their the Neptune army. The Straw Hats are the first guests that they had in a while. He is the youngest of the three as well as the one with the most screentime. There are plenty of races, species, and sub-species that walk the lands — or rather seas — of the world of One Piece. One of the pirates call out to Hody who reveals they captured Jinbe and Shirahoshi who had fallen for the fake Neptune trap. 523-541 and 543-574, 51 episodes [17], They inquire the mermaids about the Straw Hats' illegal entry and if they have seen them. Dosun follows suit when the pirates begin to realize how insane their officers have become in pursuit of their revenge. He also comments on the Straw Hats' newfound strength after easily destroying the two pacifista he brought along with him and tells his base to call Marine Headquarters in the New World and warn them that the Straw Hats have finally revived. When reborn in a world as a Fishman, in a world where you can chase after your ambitions and have unimaginable physical power... being average isn't something he plans to do. He then sets his sights on Jinbe. As the group boards a turtle that will take them to the top of the island, Camie explains that Hatchan is in the Fish-Man district still recovering from his wounds that he got while protecting the Thousand Sunny and that Pappag lives in a mansion in Gyoverly Hills where Camie occasionally visits to bring him clams. The soldiers wonder what to do and Hody suggests that they should kill him since he is the worst of humankind. [39], Back in Ryugu Palace, one of Hody's crew ask who they will guard the palace. They confirm it and Neptune comments that if it hits the Princess or the Island it will be over as was written. Franky starts crying as usual after hearing the story while Nami notes that the Arlong situation was really eating Jinbe up inside. Camie complies and the two head for the Sea Forest. The three collect the treasure and head back to the palace. Sanji quickly demands Jinbe to explain himself and reveals to him the horror Nami went through when Arlong took over Cocoyashi. Franky says that if the volcanoes erupt, they would be killed instantly and proceeds to steer the ship away from the volcanoes. Luffy dodges it and hits Hammond and his lackeys with a Jet Pistol knocking them out much to the surprise of the mermaids. The ship had human blood in stock that was compatible with their own. That all came to a stop when Whitebeard claimed Fish-Man Island as his territory, but that too did not stop the discrimination. Franky activates the ship's Chicken Voyage to avoid some of the tentacles. The strong sea currents took the rest of the Straw Hats somewhere else, and they were lucky to be found by the mermaids. She comforts her children, asking them not to let hate and bitterness consume them. Luffy is surprised and asks Franky if his brother really was a coating master (having only comprehended bits and pieces of Den's introduction). Vinyl #328. Luffy says that he is going to turn the Kraken, who he named Surume, into a top-notch navigator as Surume places Thousand Sunny on his head. Luffy did not like it in the cramped bubble and he sprawls out on the deck of the ship, happy for so much room. However it will not stop the ship from falling. Franky then calls to her from the bow of the ship, saying "it" has come into view. Caribou, unaware he was left behind, commands his crew to introduce themselves by slaughtering all the Straw Hats. Hody declares no one since he figure no one can break into the palace. The captain's name was Vander Decken. He emerges under the deck while chomping down on a pirate. Soon the Straw Hats reach Ryugu Palace and the party start properly. . Jinbe just called him scum since Arlong was acting like a pirate. One of the slave drops from exhaustion, Hammond just tells him to drag him along and replace him. Shirahoshi unintentionally summons some Sea Kings. Tiger's reason for freeing the slaves at Mary Geoise is revealed that, like Hancock, he too was a slave of the World Nobles for many years. The princess states that no one had ever yelled at her before. Watch One Piece: Fishman Island (517-574) Episode 564, Back to Zero! She apologizes and says that she will be back by dinner. As the unfortunate mermaids try to flee and scream for help, Caribou captures them within himself using his Numa Numa no Mi powers which allows him to become and create an artificial swamp. [57], The story flashes back to Hody's childhood and shows how he and his crew were raised purely on the ideals hatred in the Fish-Man District. Robin understands and agrees to his wishes. However, he was intercepted by the most unlikely person, Queen Otohime. Hody recover and states he knows of Luffy intention of trying to fight him on the Noah. Zeo and he surmise that Nami is the Straw Hats' weakness from Sanji's reaction and go to attack her. Tamago and him decide to head back to Big Mom. [61], Back on the Noah, Hody gets to his feet and uses the water leaking from the ship to attack Luffy, sending water shots in the shape of sharks at him. He then heads Concord Plaza, living the citizens be as they know what will happen if they oppose them. Atlantis. Upon hearing this, Surume starts to squeeze Shirahoshi but Luffy overhears this as well and asks Surume if that is the reason he was answering to Hody. Otohime is touched by all of this and soon start crying tears of joy to see her dream coming true after seven years of hardship. Franky notices Luffy and asks him what he has been doing as he seems to have brought a pin-up girl (Shirahoshi) with him. However, Usopp reveals that the bulb from the Pop Green releases a shockwave, knocking him out. The monster in question is a Kraken, a giant, mythological octopus. The princess and Luffy's group (along with Hachi) hop on Megalo and fly away. Surume becomes scared, lets go of the Sunny, and runs off. Nami tells them that Hody Jones is now on the loose. Upon hearing this, Nami forces the monster trio to look for Caribou. It suddenly flies into the octopus, stabbing him in the back. They also worry if the ship can be fixed in time for the "promised day". At that moment, Nami recognizes the monster pulling the ship as Momoo, the pet sea cow of the Arlong Pirates. The palace guards laugh at this saying that this is too bizarre. The new log pose however, will point to these different magnetic forces meaning that from here on out they will have to chose their own route. She asked for the subjects to sign their name on a petition to migrate with her. However, in exchange for the boost in strength, the drug shaves away the user's lifespan. Franky says he need to tell the crew something. When they arrive in Mermaid Cove, they meet the rest of Camie's mermaid friends, which makes Sanji cry in happiness,and say that he has found his "All Blue". The ministers and the soldiers have made it out of the palace. 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Franky admits that he was surprised to find that he and Tom looked nothing alike. He then prepares to finish his battle with Zeo. Sanji finally stops playing with him and calls to Jinbe who ready their attack. Soon, being on guard all the time became a reflex.[31]. Luffy then comments on how persistent Vander Decken IX is. Luffy bluntly says that he does not like her for her crybaby tendencies, causing her to cry even more. [26], Back at the Ryugu Palace, Hody is informed that a mermaid (Camie) and a pirate girl (Nami) managed to escape but Hody tells his subordinates to ignore them. Commotion suddenly arises outside the shop and the group rushes out to see why. They also happen to be the second most prominent species in the series, just below humans. [27], While everyone is hanging out around the Sunny, Luffy points to Otohime's grave and asks if that was the grave Shirahoshi was talking about, saying she has been in front of it for a long time. Download. [49], Back at the plaza, the pirates are showing their worry for their captain. [29], Soon the news of Tiger's act of attacking Mary Geoise reached Fish-Man Island. Before he can pick a volunteer, Hatchan appears and objects to the operation. After blasting the Straw Hats away, he later met with Rayleigh and told him he did not have much time left. Nami scolds Pappag for the high prices and demands a discount. Back in the Noah … They are unaware that the Caribou Pirates are right behind them, and Caribou is still obsessed with destroying them. Recognizing the Straw Hats, Momoo flees with the Caribou Pirates in tow. Hody then tell his captive human pirates the plan. They try to help but Neptune turns them away, telling the guards to go and find Fukaboshi and his men. Font Size. He darts after the two and they barely manage to dodge him, seeing Hody cut up a rock and a fish that was swimming by it. He then hits the Kraken with a Diable Jambe. Realizing he is serious, Tamago takes over and tries to convince Big Mom to take the offer as two of their ships were destroyed by Captain Kid and they need the money, even stating he will bring back all the sweets in two week's time. The Straw Hats wonder whose ship it is. We flash back a bit to when Hody was heading for the deck of the ship. Once on the ground, the two are bound in chains, Fukaboshi declaring that the two will never be free again. Join Planet Minecraft! Hody tells Luffy he has no chance of winning a fight in the deep sea, saying he can not protect anything. He explains to Luffy the deal Fish-Man Island made for protection in exchange for ten tons of candy per month. Neptune approaches the group and invites Luffy and the Straw Hats to his palace, much to everyone's surprise. [21], Back at the palace, Usopp chastises Zoro for going too far after the group have defeated and chained up Neptune, his ministers, and the Ammo Knights. 207 2 5. However, seeing the Mermaid Princess is one of his dreams and that he rather die fulfilling it. Watch One Piece: Fishman Island (517-574) Episode 529, The Fish-Man Island Will Be Annihilated?! Now in a breathable setting, Luffy charges towards Hody, activating Gear Third as he does so. Luffy understands and tells them to do it. They have conversation with each other about how Luffy seemed to understand them like that of Gol D. Roger. Franky then tells Luffy that Robin came by too. Ikaros Much is nearly caught in the radius triggering his "dried squid" reflex. Neptune then wonders why he is feeling such an odd turmoil around him. He is also willing to kill her daughter Shirahoshi, whom he … Zeo makes an excuse that he was "headbutting" Brook's foot to save face. As the crew sail off, they are caught up by Shirahoshi who vows that if they meet again, she will not cry anymore and asks if Luffy will take her on another walk, this time outside the ocean. Franky then found out from Rayleigh that during their battle against Kizaru, Kuma had whispered to Rayleigh that he was a Revolutionary and wished to help the Straw Hats escape. With that, Luffy starts to head for Hody. At that instant Luffy, Zoro and Sanji make it back but much to the group's shock find that he gave all the treasure to Pekoms and Tamago plus decided to pick a fight with Big Mom. Last Thoughts from Sabaody: The Straw Hats Descend, The Route to Fish-Man Island: Encountering a Legendary Ghostship, Straw Hats at Fish-Man Island: Revelations and a Terrifying Prediction, The Next Generation of Danger: Unrest and Trouble on the Island, The Coup d'État Commences: Hody and Decken Strike, Fisher Tiger and Queen Otohime: The Cycle of Hatred and Tragedies of Heroes, The Three Hour Ultimatum: An Unavoidable Showdown, Battle for Fish-Man Island: Straw Hat Pirates and Jinbe vs. New Fish-Man Pirates, Noah on Collision Course: The End of the Alliance and the Separate Battles, End of the Reckless Hatred: Save Fish-Man Island, Aftermath of the Battle: A Promise, a Party, Poseidon and a Prelude to a New Situation, Farewell to Fish-Man Island: Let's Sail into the New World. Once they left, Shirahoshi apologizes to Luffy for her outburst after realizing he was the one to save Megalo. Neptune then puts his arms behind his right side, and seemingly grabs the water, saying that what he is about to do will badly hurt his back. Sanji follows after him and, remembering his training, suddenly catches on fire and kicks the giant with an attack that burns him completely. Vander Decken's crew alerts him that there is trouble, as Nami realizes the volcano is about to erupt. [27], Back at the palace, the ministers and the palace guards manages to make it outside safely. Robin then notices that ship's bubble shares the same characteristics as those on Sabaody. However before they can get close, they are grabbed by one of the Kraken's tentacles who quickly destroys their coating bubble and their ship, making Caribou's crew submerge in the water much to his dismay. Den promises to coat the Sunny for him after hearing it was made from Adam Wood. Jinbe then reveals that he was the one who set Arlong loose in East Blue, much to Nami's stunned surprise. Tiger shouted for him to stop. Nami muses that it was their fault that it happened, when Jinbe protests Camie vouches for the Straw Hats claiming the Ammo Knights attacked them first. He then attacks the residents, vowing revenge on Fukaboshi before telling his men their heading for Gyoncorde Plaza. The brothers tell Decken they will not let him have their sister. He quickly uses the bubble coral to make a bubble around him but in doing so, lets go of the chain he was riding which causes him to flow out into the ocean. [64], The Ammo Knights, seeing what has happened, report to the entire island that Noah was stopped and was not completely destroyed either. Meanwhile at a fish bus stop, Robin has subdued several Ammo Knights who were trying to capture her. The Minster to the Left orders them to call for an evacuation of the island which the Border Patrol do via the intercom, telling everyone of the incoming danger including the Straw Hats and the Fish-Man Pirates. Neptune tells the Straw Hats that they must get out of the palace as it will soon be completely flooded. Meanwhile, the Minister of the Left along with some guards manage to find Neptune and apologize for not being strong enough. Luffy then sees the Thousand Sunny and Franky and calls out to him. After Ishilly loosens a few bolts, Caribou pops out and terrifies the three mermaids. Decken then touches Hatchan, saying that he is locked onto him. With this, all of the officers of the New Fish-Man Pirates were defeated. Meanwhile, the bubble around Noah is absorbed by the island with Luffy falling with the rubble of the ship. Usopp states that they planned to intimidate the guards and run off when they get the chance. But it now affecting him and tearing his body apart. Year(s) Released: He climbs a tower and reveals this to the whole island much to the shock of the citizens. [47], A few of the sea urchin pirates uses their bubbles to fly overheard and aim for Shirahoshi and Sanji, intending to skewer them with their spikes. [30], Meanwhile on the Grand Line, the Sun Pirates encountered yet another marine ship and easily took down its crew. One of the ministers mock her for this and when she asks why, he agrees to tell her only if she unties him. Nami states that they would not even try to do something like that. [21], Usopp, Nami, and Brook are then seen after they subdued some of the Neptune Guards. The matchup reads Oonyudo Wadatsumi vs. Sanji and Jinbe. Shyarly's prediction of Fish-Man Island's destruction by a man with a straw hat. Ryuboshi shouts at them that the people of the island were ready to look beyond their oppression and accept relations with the humans. [35], Then finally she returned, after much negotiation with the World Nobles and much appreciation of the island, holding a piece of paper that was said to be the "Light of Hope" for Fish-Man Island, a document granting the Fish-Men a place at the Levely once again. Shirahoshi shows her father a love letter from Decken, proclaiming it would not stop following her. The Fish-Man District is soon taped off and the New Fish-Man Pirates officers along with Vander Decken IX are thrown into the dungeon. He might not have been introduced as a fishman, but there’s enough evidence to assume otherwise. [56], As the battles continue to wage all around the plaza. As after all, they are friends. Chapter 2; Words 1.8k. The Kraken attacks with another one but Chopper eats a Rumble Ball and goes into Guard Point, protecting the ship. The Minister of the Left accuses the Straw Hats for inviting them but Usopp rebuffs his claim, saying that they (Straw Hats) would not even be in the palace if Neptune had not invited them and ask who the invading fish-men group are. [6], The Straw Hats are astonished that Kuma would go to such great lengths to protect them, figuring that Kuma did it as a favor to Dragon. Hatchan runs for his life and dives into the ocean, but it does him little good and he got struck by the arrows. Suliman is an avid consumer of manga, anime, light novels, and the likes. [58], Brook starts to reflect on how over the two years he discovered the true power of the Yomi Yomi Fruit in that it emitted a powerful energy which he can distribute via playing music. Quick Buy Funko 5 Star Vinyl Figure: Kingdom Hearts - Donald My Hero Academia Deku (Middle School Uniform) Funko Pop! Vol. And the Straw Hats which, despite Shyarly's prediction, they question sensing that they are not bad people especially since the mermaids were fond of them, whom are known to be great judges of character, seeing through malicious facades. This angers Sanji and he kicks Wadatsumi in the head knocking him back up on his feet, confusing him as to who is attacking him now. But only angers Zeo who starts attacking his own subordinates, citing that those who do not fight should die in the name of their grudge. Meanwhile, all around Fish-Man Island, the order for the evacuation is given from the Minister of the Left, revealing what Decken and Hody have planned. CA$14.95 ( ) Sold Out Sold out. Out come 100,000 outlaws (70,000 fish-men and 30,000 captive humans) who surround the plaza ready to fight. The axe that Decken threw earlier suddenly flies into the room straight for the Princess. He tells Luffy this as well as apologizes for doubting him. The fish tries to eat the ship, but is stopped by a giant humanoid creature, which is identified as an Umibozu, a sea giant, by Usopp. As he does he confines to the Minister of the Left that even though they shot the shooter and caught him, Otohime would not want him to avenge her as he does not wish to spread his hatred to the children of the island. [27], Shirahoshi starts crying over her father's capture while Camie asks Hatchan what happened to him. All the features of fishmen are well prevalent in him. Decken explains that as long as a person remains his target after touching them, what he throws will always fly towards them. Decken threatens to kill both Shirahoshi and him which Luffy challenges him to try before catching Decken with his legs and slamming him into the ground with a Jet Hammer. These people turn out to be Hody and Decken's crews riding on a group of sea monsters heading towards the palace. He takes down several people with Chidoriashi Hash. Hordy's twisted past takes center stage in a Fish-Man flashback. At the cove, mermaids realize that the scream came from some of their friends including a mermaid named Ishilly. Next anime → Shirahoshi suddenly come carrying Luffy, crying for someone to save him as he has lost too much blood. Nov 10, 2020. Vinyl CA$14.95. En route, Brook spots a wanted poster for Vander Decken. Neptune allows them to stay on the island under a sentence of community service for their crimes. Luffy asks Shyarly if mermaids can poop. [68], As he tells Luffy this, we go to an island in the New World called Whole Cake Island. A figure on a whale comes towards them revealing himself as the "Sea God" Neptune, a Coelacanth merman, riding on his whale, Hoe. The news of Hody's defeat frightens some of the pirates. This appears to finally defeat the New Fish-Man Pirates' captain whose last thoughts are his wish that Noah destroy the island. Something is soon spotted in the sky revealing it to be Franky on the Sunny Go and Hoe. On that cue, something comes out of Megalo's mouth and rushes straight for Hody kicking him in the stomach and sending him flying into a wall. Sermons, mostly from Arlong, would fill his head on how humans were the inferior species and how they had "driven" fish-man into the sea for their "superior" strength. Neptune looks stunned. It's then Sanji and Zoro speak up asking what will happen if Big Mom does not get her candy which Tamago answers she will send her "beasts" in to raze the island. Robin manages to secure the keys to the slaves of the Fish-Man Pirates and frees them from their shackles. However, the water saps away his strength allowing Hody to break free. Hatchan is really against the idea of her going as he mentions that Hody knows about Shirahoshi's power to summon sea kings and is using the king as a hostage to shield against such an attack. The Straw Hat Pirates finally head for Fish-Man Island after their two year hiatus. Luffy counters that their friends' lives are on the line and that everyone will suffer if he does nothing. The princes declare they have a chance now and if Hody were to win they would never get another one. Luffy asks what happened to the rest of the crew. A first nobody pays it any mind, until they find out Otohime is bleeding from her chest and she doubles over. When she confirms it, Fukaboshi comments that they will have to 'deal' with the problem as soon as possible. The captain of the New Fishman Pirates, while not the most impressive last boss of the series, very much deserves a mention when it comes to the strength department. The pirates say that they have to find it or they will be killed. When Usopp asks what could break it, Nami answers that poking multiple holes in the bubble will indeed pop it, so they have to be careful not to let a Sea King bite into it or smash into a reef. All across the island, citizens hurry to the plaza. [31], Some time passed and the Sun Pirates managed to get a hold of an Eternal Pose to Koala's home island. Queen Otohime trying to convince her people to petition for integration with humans. Neptune soon catches up with them and reminds them he still owes the Straw Hats a banquet. Like most fantasy series, the human species and its derivatives boast the highest numbers of the world’s sentient population. Meanwhile, Luffy's group marvels at Pappag's house. Mjosgard continues on demanding a doctor but insults the Fish-Man Island citizens as well. Aladine’s fighting prowess is nothing to shrug at. Regardless Shyarly apologizes to Camie for suspecting Luffy. Hody suddenly yells out in pain much to his crew's shock and worry. Other customers bought: Funko 5 Star Vinyl Figure: Kingdom Hearts - Donald CA$14.95. He then launches into a poetic metaphor where he is a painter, unable to capture Shirahoshi's beauty, as he dances around her.