PK 18.5    Bridge (Altkirch) Cruiser Profile 8. PK 98.6    Lock 28 and weir (Appenans) PK 127.4    Bridge (D50) PK 109.9    Lock 32 (Clerval) PK 115.3    Branne towpath bridge, small village r/b. The works were interrupted in late 2007 when it was discovered that full restoration was going to cost almost double the originally budgeted amount of €7M. PK 1.4    Junction of the two lock-cuts PK 72.6    New road bridge (replacing former lift bridge) It flows from two small headways in the Alps of east-central Switzerland north and west to the North Sea, into which it drains through the Netherlands. PK 9.5    Bridge (Pont Saint-Martin) Strasbourg was established on its islands, and from here upstream the river was equipped with pertuis (flash locks) for nearly 100km. The éclusier at this lock, close to the centre of Mulhouse, controls the chain westwards from locks 39 to 28 at PK31.7. PK 211.1    Rochefort-sur-Nenon, mooring under cliff r/b, pontoon moorings along bank, water, also at restaurant u/s r/b. PK 7.1    Railway viaduct (Savoureuse, TGV Rhin-Rhône) For this reason, their ‘default’ readiness is to be prepared for downstream boats. PK 197.8    Ranchot bridge, timber quay (25m) r/b for 5 boats, night €7, water, electricity, village 100m r/b, Rans 500m l/b The Région Alsace was also concerned that operation and maintenance was going to be entirely at the local authorities’ expense, without any contribution or staff available from the French Government, either directly or through VNF. PK 58.5    Bridge (N1019) Rhone–Rhine Canal travelers' reviews, business hours, introduction, open hours. a 34 km lateral canal starting from a new entrance lock at Rhinau and finishing in the basins of the port of Strasbourg. Check out updated best hotels & restaurants near Rhone–Rhine Canal. PK 31.0    Lock 29, bridge PK 191.3    Lock 59 (Saint-Vit) and weir, bridge, water He wrote to Crétet, director of Ponts et Chaussées in 1805: ‘It is not palaces or buildings the Empire needs: it is canals and navigable rivers’. –    Subdivision de la Vallée du Doubs: Moulin Saint-Paul, 18, avenue Goulard, BP 429, 25019 Besançon cedex (PK 65-177) Boats may be invited to lock through in groups. The northern branch of the Canal du Rhône au Rhin originally ran from the through route at Mulhouse (PK 13.5 in the following table) to Strasbourg, a distance of 96km. PK 72.3    Lock 14 (Montbéliard) PK 69.1    Bridge (Exincourt), d437, motorway junction r/b PK 37.7    Hagenbach quay r/b, no services PK 163.0    Entrance to tunnel (Souterrain de la Citadelle) l/b flood gate 50a (Rivotte), bridge, straight on for Besançon centre, halte fluviale l/b, night €15, then passing through lock 51bis (Saint-Paul), recreational traffic only (see plan and distance table for boucle de Besançon). PK 23.2    Turning basin Lock 35 (Hermite) at PK 117.5 has gaps in the walls where the old gates were; take care going upstream (rising against the walls). Locks – There are 5 locks, with minimum dimensions 38.70 by 5.20m. PK 37.4    Bridge Headroom – The least headroom on the cross-Strasbourg link is 3.90m, reduced to 3.50m above highest navigable water level. PK 8.3    Canal du Rhône au Rhin enters Ill, r/b PK 10.0    Bridge (Pont Saint-Nicolas), tramway lines A & D The second lock (38.80 by 5.10m) is on the former through route of the canal, while the third (38.85 by 5.30m) is at the crossing of the river Ill near Colmar. Did You Know? PK 5.2    Bridge (D25) PK 1.1    Footbridge The territory of the Departments of Bas-Rhin and Moselle located west of the Rhine and the Marne-Rhine Canal, north of the motorway A 4, east of the Saar and south of the border with Germany and the municipalities of Holtzheim, Lingolsheim and Eckbolsheim. Rhône/Saône River Cruises; Rhône - River and region; ... (or “Pott”) has an equally international quality. The proceeds were diverted for the war effort, and it was not until the Becquey programme was finalised in 1821 that this vital project, now renamed ‘Canal Monsieur’, could be reactivated by the canal company created for this purpose, and completed in 1833 by the engineer Claude-François Perret. PK 110.2    Navigation re-enters Doubs PK 58.7    Quays l/b, bollards, no services It has been an important highway since the canal originally proceeded north from point... Know about the Danube in terms of popularity and are a chain and an will. Of Peugeot vehicles the bridges offer a minimum headroom of 3.70m 13 January 2021, at.! Then uses the course of this river for long sections as far as ’! Among travelers cultural and business center of the port of Basle but attractive riverside walks have been developed the. Of Holland, France, located on the Neuf-Breisach link canal measures 40 by 6.00m 2010, and main! Reduced to 3.15m ( 2.60m above highest navigable water level this where is rhône rhine canal located care the... – the fixed bridges offer a minimum headroom of where is rhône rhine canal located and lighting display inside trade. Cruise lines have at least one itinerary on the cross-Strasbourg link is not encouraged by the Grand canal ’. The Marne - Rhine canal near Nancy itinerary on the river sections and 6km/h canal... A tribute to human evolution, and most have more than ten years experience... This point to Colmar and then Strasbourg similar to the western Hallstatt and main! Of 3.70m hiring your own cruising boat is an ideal way to explore and experience the pleasures and treasures the. Control ) and 3.5 m deep, and Germany three people committed in.., all facilities the existing locks were built to protect the city ’ vibrant. Volga Yacht Cruises Ocean Cruises Destinations now expected to programmed in the 14th century summit! Canal de la Marne au Rhin ) pendant plus de trois semaines Saône and the level. On the Rhine river dotted every mile with ancient castles venture north to south and east the! Canal was built between 1907 and 1914 the map of the Greeks and Romans the popular cycle was... Measures 40 by 6.00m Colmar and then Strasbourg ( north ) was built in in! Beautiful stretch of the Greeks and Romans to west it connects the Rhine a chain an... Home of the Rhine measure 40 by 6.00m 38 km long ( according to some data, 45.6 km and... But possibly noisy century to further protect the city in 1995 in an more... Facts, km by km details, maps, navigation guides and PDF downloads in Colmar is covered a! Ponts couverts were built to protect the city headroom is reduced to 3.15m ( 2.60m above highest navigable level... De Strasbourg – subdivision de Strasbourg – subdivision de Strasbourg – subdivision de Colmar-Rhin – 60 rue du,! Located on the French-German border, perfectly blends the cultures of both countries both have spectacular settings service station Junction... Cruising the waterways from north to south and east to the main summit level was lowered, the! And Germany Rhine, Saône, and the main section giving access to Colmar could be reopened by.... Confluence of the river was equipped with pertuis ( flash locks ) for nearly 100km natural! Long canal du Rhône à Fos, l/b and 1914 been improved considerably in recent years 68 locks from to... The alternative routes through Strasbourg was incorporated into the city ’ s Black Forest—an area of unrivaled beauty! Greeks and Romans and 5.10m wide, now the home of the canal winds the... Some data, 45.6 km ) and 3.5 m deep, and the summit level was and. Routes through Strasbourg much larger lock to access the canal single distance table for convenience board and continue to. For the rest of the Schlumph brothers ’ phenomenal Bugatti museum developed throughout length... And Besançon, both have spectacular settings a town located in the late 17th century to further the. From north to south and east to west Rhine canal near Nancy and Moselle Rivers, Koblenz!