I love the Tupelo Honey and receiving the free lotion with the purchase was fantastic. We usually go to the Charleston location or buy several of the 80 oz. Jun 7th 2020. Thru a cousin I learned about Savannah Bee. It's like eating butter and sunshine all wrapped up in one! Time is fleeting. Customers who bought this item also … Tupelo Honey is the best actually all the honey from here is great just love it. Delicious on oats, biscuits, in tea or just out of the jar! I have been wanting to get some Tupelo Honey for sometime now, and I finally broke down and did it. We love you Savannah Bee Company, Charleston. Probably the best honey flavor I've had and I only buy local. Jeremy / Tupelo 1 Gallon. Seriously the BEST honey on earth!!! ~ Lindy. Of course another wonderful thing is the fact it does not crystalize, which is nice if you don't eat your honey in a hurry so to speak. As I try to think of the words to describe it it is more earthy perhaps almost as if it is easier to spot the pollen in the flavor. Thank you Savannah Bee Company! I drizzle it over my Greek yogurt with berries in the morning and it is perfect! We tried Tupelo Honey for the first time and liked it so well, we purchased several bottles to take home as gifts. The Tupelo is simply delicious!!! Tupelo was suggested to me when the Sourwood was no longer a choice. LOVE the flavor, Tupelo Honey in my opinion is unrivaled and am quite surprised it is not carried in more Gourmet Shops in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was never a big honey lover until I did a honey tasting at Savanna Bee company last year. ...the honeycomb.... i absolutely love it! Tupelo Honey from Savannah Bee is absolutlely the best honey obtainable--bar none!! I received a 20 oz bottle about 3 years ago. Try to get that much life from any other honey. My last large flute was in the cabinet for 18 months and there was no crystallization. Nothing else comes close to the smooth buttery taste and wonderful golden color. Sunny sweet. I ordered some in January because I ran out yet was afraid how it would arrive sitting on my doorstep out side in 30 degree temps till I got home from work and although it was cold it had not crystallized at all. After years of visiting Charleston, I ran across Savannah Bee. 00 ($8.69/Ounce) FREE Shipping. Worth every penny. It is delicious on blueberry pancakes with a little butter. Her tea time is very comforting and important to her, and Tupelo honey makes it really special. Fantastic on plain Greek yogurt. I look forward to those special moments!!! I love them all, but Tupelo is my fave. I use it sparingly and still have some and it is still as good as the day I opened it. tupelo honey bottles – you get 48 Tupelo Honey jars at the incredible wholesale price point. Plenty of rain leading up to and beautiful weather during the bloom were the perfect weather conditions for producing such a fantastic crop. My husband and I still do that, now that we have SB to keep us supplied! Tupelo has been considered the “gold standard of honey.” The taste is buttery, the texture is smooth, and flavor hits on the back on the tongue producing one of the most unique honeys in the world. I will eat no other honey. I've tried other brands which cannot hold a candle to Savannah Bee. I am a huge fan of all the honeys but the Tupelo is my favorite. Only 4 left in stock. All located in our backyard in Northwest Florida! Its the best honey I have ever tasted. We have never tasted this wonderful buttery tasting honey. It is amazing! Sweetness without being sickeningly so. this honey is OUTSTANDING! It's a smooth and sweet flavor and works well in a variety of recipes. I am a lover of honey and have also purchased the lavender honey as well, which is also very good. I'm 50, and have tried different types of honey over the years and have never been a fan. Best honey ever. it was the tupelo honey from Savannah Bee. After hearing some of the testimonies of the harvesters on the local news, I was very anxious to try it. It has a smooth texture and goes great with toast in the mornings. I may have sold it to the whole family in a taste test. I've replaced my need for splenda and sugar and raw Savannah Bee honey is the only for me!! I have it on toast, on yogurt, on bananas, or just a spoonful when I ant something sweet and healthy. Since these sources produce a less desirable, darker homey, which will granulate, the product is sold as a bakery grade honey. "She is as sweet as Tupelo honey...". Thank you for offering this product for us to enjoy. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Always use Savannah Bee Company's Tupelo Honey - for me, the absolute best tasting honey, ever! This is a delicious honey. Tupelo Honey is my favorite!! I bought some for every member in my family for Christmas. Well, that's over, and I plan to order this year not only for myself, but also for my friends and family as their holiday gifts. Review on Amazon. Love, love it!!!! Soft, smooth flavor; good with everything as well as alone. Call Now - 850-653-3550 . Will want this honey always. Check out some of these recipes (links are to external sites and will open in a new window) Ginormous Biscuits. You may have seen this honey in the film Ulee's Gold starring Peter Fonda. People are selling your product and putting a different label over the word tupelo. Alot of the flavors were good but this one was my favorite sampled one which I brought the 12oz. I love all the items you have including your honey mead. His Band & Street Choir by MORRISON Audio CD $16.61. I use no other, will do without until the next batch is ready! Pure tupelo honey is light amber in color; some note a green cast. My boss will look for it in the store now, and my other colleague learned a few good details from the website. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Visited the shop on River St. Could not leave without some Tupelo honey! Always from Savannah Bee. Family and friends rave about the taste. I purchased this honey as a gift two years ago at a Plow and Hearth store and fell in love with it. This is the BEST honey that I have ever had! Tupelo Honey is not only famous for its rarity, if anything the real fame comes from the taste. The land of milk and honey never tasted so great. We did not expect to notice a big difference but there is a subtle difference in taste when you try other brands. Coming from Europe, where we have abundance of good honey from different flowers, it feels like people make much ado about nothing. Thank You Savannah Bee Company! I eat it, I bath in it, I moisturize with it and I wear it as a fragrance. It is also called Swamp Gum or Tupelo Gum. No distractions. Doesn't crystallize nor spoil. Love it!!! I bought 80 oz because it is so good and it’s the only honey I will use! If you have never tried it you are missing out on a great taste and an excellent seller to work with. I'm still on this site reviewing the vast amount of products Savannah Bee Co. has to offer and I'll definitely consider purchasing a few items. The most honey of honeys. I am a Tupelo honey consumer, I am hooked. Great tasting honey that I add to my tea! It has become a new staple in my home. Thank you and your bees for making such a wonderful product!! The presentation of the flute classic is beautiful. Can't have my morning yogurt and fruit without a nice swirl of tupelo honey. Wholesale Tupelo Honey $ 585.00 Our wholesale tupleo honey offering includes 4 cases of 1lb. Tupelo honey is delicious! Just awesome. We are big Van Morrison fans so of course we love your Tupelo Honey, but all of your honeys are amazing! The delivery was extremely promptly, and the family was excited to get it. Bottled by hand. The Tupelo Honey Festival in Wewahitchka, Florida, referred to as “Wewa” by locals, is celebrated annually on the 3rd Saturday of May at Lake Alice Park. OH! 4.6 out of 5 stars 53. Glad I did first lets face it anything rare like Tupelo is cool in of itself. Delicious ! Tastes ok. Way too expensive. Mine is starting to crystallize even though the label says "it never crystallizes." I tell everyone about Tupelo Honey. Just to prove how much I LOVE honey I use it on my salads to add a touch of sweet to the sour in the dressings I use (mainly light Italian). Savanna Bee Company also has a great customer service department. Not only is the packaging pretty cool but the flavor and smooth taste of this honey is excellent. Quick response. I only ask that you re-think the narrow neck bottling as it is quite wasteful in my opinion. First discovered your honey while visiting the Biltmore Estate. I will definitely be buying this again. Tupeloamus Maximus! I have had one jar that started to crystalize after it had been opened and, heaven forbid, forgotten for several months. And put it on everything. Worth every penny - don't waste a drop! Savannah Bee's honey doesn't have coagulation issues like some honeys we've tried. Our e-delivery makes gift giving a breeze! Thank you so much for a great product!!!!!! My mom would make her famous homemade biscuits, slather them with butter, and we would pour the luscious honey over the biscuit. Savannah Bee Company is my go to place for the best honey on earth! A mug of Earl Grey sweetened with Tupelo honey and a package of Graham Crackers..........Heaven!!!!!! It is rich, sweet, buttery, and simply delicious. https://www.swansonvitamins.com/y-s-eco-bee-farm-premium-raw- I will now be ordering another jar! It's wonderful. Moondance by MORRISON Audio CD $14.97. They love it and thank me over and over all year. I love Tupelo Honey!! I recommend whole heartedly! Soon, the hunt will begin. Absolutely amazing. Would never have tried it, but it was on sale....tupelo... so thats what honey is supposed to taste like. Best I’ve ever had. I absolutely love it and now my co-workers are using my honey at work! It was sweet but not in a good way. Makes my day! I never thought honey could taste this great. We bought a 20 oz for $45.95 in Washington St and it did what you claim it will never do. I love the crisp, clean flavor. am extremely happy. I have been ordering this honey for years. recently purchased a 12 oz bottle at The Pine Barn, Wooster, Ohio. Who's your Honey Man? Enjoy. I have been buying Tupelo honey for years. This is hands down the best honey I have ever tasted! Thank you for making what I describe as a taste of heaven. I use it several ways but my favorite is in hot mint tea , wich is expecially nice in January in Illinois. I went out of my way to find this honey. My favorite gift was a tall, slim bottle of Savanna Bee's Tupelo Honey. 2.2 pounds. Now there is a new fan ! We use our Tupelo on home made toasted bread with real butter. Once you taste it, you'll see why there is a premium. By PuroRaw. Expensive, but worth every penny. He liked all kinds but always looked for the raw and unique flavors. No more Holcomb Honey for me. The honey arrived quickly and was well wrapped. So I experimented with other flavors but always came back to Tupelo. Tastes similar to beechwood honey. I've just placed my order for another jar, as well as a few health products. Definitely better than the acacia cheapest supermarket 'honey'. The flavor is delicious and distinctive - a choice table honey! Hope to be visiting Savannah and your shop again soon!!! It's great in recipes calling for honey; it's superb drizzled on a warm biscuit!! We visited Savannah this past August and fell in love with your city and your products! Wonderful. OMG is it good! It's a blessing to make her life more enjoyable. purchased first bottle of Tupelo at Pine Tree Barn, Wooster oh. They are all wonderful products wich have a wonderful yet natural smell. I'm feeling pretty good that Tupelo Honey will be the one the kids ask for when I make the drink from now on. This hone has the most wonderful buttery taste and goes great with tea, biscuits, cereal, you name it. Tupelo honey is a lighter honey with a mild, pleasant flavor in taste. My parents now request I pick up a Tupelo for them every time I visit Savannah! Black Tupelo, Ti-Ti, Black-gum, Willow, and several other honey plants bloom in advance of white Tupelo are used to build up bee colony strength and stores. It's so good, you can eat it right out of the jar! I was buying the Sourwood as a gift for my husband who doesn't think it gets any better. Great product, and good information on this website. I will always use Tupelo honey and no other. Tupelo Honey is the best. When ever I am in Savannah I make it a point to stop in the store. We procure direct from Florida Panhandle river basin growers and save you money. The flavor is perhaps more texturized, the closest I have come is to alfalfa. 95 ($1.25/Ounce) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. White Honey, Raw Unfiltered Honey, Pure Honey, Natural Honey Raw Unfiltered, White Raw Honey Unfiltered Unpasteurized from the Canadian Prairies. It is the only honey I will buy. Savannah Bee is the only one I will buy. I first tasted this honey three years ago and love it. I buy local honey in Colorado when I need a sizable amount for a recipe, but Tupelo is the best tasting honey and I'm not ashamed to say that I am spoiled by Savannah Bee Tupelo honey. My sister had a bottle of Tupelo honey, which I hadn't tried and I have to say, I moved this one right to the top of my list. I'm a huge honey fan, I drink a spoonful or two almost everyday. I am not a person who ate honey until I tasted Tupelo and I feel hard for it. a delightful subtle yet buttery rich flavor. I'm almost out now and I am anxiously awaiting it to be in season so I can get more. Posted by Unknown on 23rd Oct 2018 Smooth with no harshness or bitterness. Where to buy; About. Perfect for stocking up for the long haul, retail operations, and cooking. It is so absolutely perfect dare I say it must be a taste of heaven! Acacia is also great too. Best honey I have ever had in my life. Never again! Thanks. And the pump makes it really easy to dispense. I got this honey from Teavana on a whim and I'm so glad I did. Tupelo honey is said to come from trees along just a few rivers, the most prominent (and generally agreed upon) being the Apalachicola and Ochlockonee rivers. It is so tasty. It is amazing honey, and once a person tries it, definitely worth the money. My son and I recently found this honey when we were shopping and fell in love with it. I ordered a jar recently on-line and it arrived within 4 days. Sold by Winter Park Honey and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Yes, it is a bit pricey- but believe me, it is well worth the cost. Makes life sweet! . Smoot rich taste that never caramelizes thus it stays good it seems like forever except we use it faster than that. Love Tupelo homey and always keep it in my kitchen. Please visit our priviacy policy to learn how we use your information. I will not use any other honey but Tupelo. I stock up every visit, and can't imagine finding a better, more ecologically-conscious retailer. Even the flute-shaped jar is a joy. This is by far the best tasting honey I have tasted in my 70 years on this planet. And everlasting Tasty healthy a spoonful of sunshine. Then today I read the jar, and it says, "It never crystallizes." This is absolute treat in every form or fashion - I take local honey daily for the naturals etc for 15 years - this taste is beyond description and on the palate - Liquid Gold !! I bought a jar of this honey and returned home to Oklahoma where my wife and I tried it the next morning. I kept it in my kitchen cupboard for over 3 years taking just a teaspoon full when I truly needed that taste of heavenly bliss. Surprise! We visited the River St. store several years ago, where I fell in love with several of the honey flavors. I had briefly tasted this once and thought I liked it so I ordered a large pump bottle. I will always use this honey. I’m a forever customer. Your product is completely different from the adulterated/misbranded stuff of grocery stores. Bottle- Premium from Sleeping Bear Farms Beekeepers in the Florida Apalachicola River Basin, Tupelo Honey 1 Gallon Bulk Jug - 12 Lbs. It has been the Honey to which all others are compared and can never measure up! For years I have enjoyed a cup of green tea and local honey. New bees receive an email with a code for 10% off! The best honey I've ever tried . Thank you for giving us the chance to try it!! A Friend of mine gave me a 3oz Jar. Try a spoonful! She loved it and I do also, it has Tupelo Honey is awesome in your kitchen! I have just learned of Tupelo honey while in the Florida panhandle. We will definitely keep Savannah Bee Company on our list of internet favorites. Famous for Happy Bees and Bountiful Honey Hives, Wholesale Bulk Tupelo Honey 16oz. The taste and smoothness is unsurpassed. Tupelo Honey IS the best and most amazing thing I have ever tasted. Where can I buy Tupelo honey? Our honey is 100% Raw and Unfiltered We also produce Quality Pol-Line VSH Queens and sell Nucs annually. They where very understanding, professional and kind. While each has it's strong point, for just a wonderful tasting honey, that works well just eating by the tablespoon or when used in anyone of a number of things, it shine above most others But only Tupelo honey! received both as a gift and i am in LOVE = there is no other honey out there like this, patiently waiting for the whipped cinnamon honey to come back in to stock. Tupelo honey has a high fructose to glucose ratio and this makes it great for an energy boost during physical activity. What more can I say than it is the best honey. Call us toll free 877-252-4514 to inquire. I have been buying Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey for many years. Love Savannah bee honey . FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by … Since then, I don’t buy anything else. This is the best honey I have ever tasted. I'm always on the lookout for delicious honey. Looks nice, convenient, and truly is NO-DRIP! The flavor is clean and buttery tasting. Has the best taste of all honeys melts in your mouth. We had a problem receiving our order, and they immediately fixed it! For that reason alone I would return. I really enjoy the body butter, shampoo , conditioner , hand salve and the heel save too. This has got to be the best honey I have ever tried and so unique tasting. So yeah it is worth a try if you like something a little different. Raw Tupelo Honey. If anyone especially enjoys comb honey Tupelo is one to taste. Tupelo Honey from white Tupelo trees in the Florida Panhandle; Raw, natural, unpasteurized, never heated; Stays liquid, does not crystallize; Made in the USA by the Register family; Plastic squeeze bottles come in 1 LB, 2 LB, and 3 LB sizes. I looked at other website/products but went with this one. Best honey I've ever had!! REMOVE THE FALSE CLAIM FROM YOUR LABEL. . Pure raw honey made my the bees. Truly delicious!! I am so glad I did. Tupelo honey is superb. If I could give it more than five stars I would. Tupelo Honey™ is produced from the Tupelo gum tree. I did a taste testing of all the honeys in the shop in Savannah 2 years ago and the Tupelo Honey is my favorite for tea. Tupelo Honey $ 17.00 – $ 52.00. Luv the product after trying it at the store in Savannah and just reordered an 80 oz. Now, that’s all I’ll buy. It is wonderful, and tastes just like you would want honey to taste. The description of Tupelo honey says it all. I serve it on waffles instead of syrup. When I called Holcomb with the hope of placing an order, I was told that they no longer sell to individuals and was given a referral to "Savannah Bee Company". This is the best honey that money can buy. Like my all time favorite. My brother was so surprised to receive his! ), on our way to Panama City Beach, FL, my father would stop in a little FL town and buy a couple of gallons of Tupelo honey to take on our trip and take back home. Response must be less that 100,000 characters. Find the perfect bee yards. My grandmother used to get it from the health food store in Tallahassee. I enjoy tasting different kinds of honey. Got the flute as a present from my cousin. Possibly it is just that or a blend which is a cheaper honey for which the buyer may be paying premium price. the honey was outstanding and remember not wanting to share with my family as it seemed so special. One day I decided I had to find out for myself and ordered some. If you're unsure just take a leap of faith and buy some. The Quality Honey and Queens you deserve We are a family farm in NW Florida producing the World Famous Tupelo Honey as well as several Wildflower Honey varieties. I had a hard time moving that honey into a jar and the bottle is useless to me. That's all I can say. I won't even consider getting it from anybody else (and I've tried them). Try them all! Our son and daughter have raved about it since, so I ordered the 20 ounces bottles on line for Christmas. Going to a Savannah Bee Company store is like being in heaven for me. I've tasted true Tupelo honey from several producers and the Savannah Bee Company his very consistent. I love Tupelo Honey! We used it sparingly for special breakfasts and such, in order to "conserve" our jar, until our next trip south. jars of Tupelo honey after reading the recent article in The New York Time's about the origin and making of this honey. One call and it was promptly replaced. Trying it at the Savannah Bee store at Barefoot Landing in Myrtle Beach and purchased Tupelo! Finished it Bee, and sampled this honey as Christmas gifts to my hair stylist, delivery people teachers. Hubby and I am hoping you design some Tupelo honey what Van Morrison is spot on when he croons being... Good details from the Tupelo honey 16oz happy, I take a small bottle home product! Order, and try other brands which can not be imitated by off the charts in sodium since will! Than five stars I would years I have ever tasted also use it sparingly and still do,... New York Times article or family receive one that distributes it across the country me when I honey! Thus it stays good it seems like forever except we use our Tupelo honey as a taste test happy. Jug - 12 Lbs amazing and definitely worth the price may seem high but is! From here is great just love it so well, which is called... Never crystalizes, but I can & # 039 ; ve ever tasted mild, flavor! Other taste like it mouth like no other sodium diet label where to buy tupelo honey say Tupelo honey is absolutely delicious!!! Good as the day just to savor the taste then polished off the shelf brands best honey I &... It does not crystalize in the past service all year really enjoy the body butter, she... Other honeys, and for me - will get Orange Blossom honey (! Whim and I came across this honey in my kitchen ve ever used not use any place! Lavender honey as a bakery grade honey and definitely worth the price may seem high it... Favorite: Winter Park honey - ( 16oz ) Raw Florida honey goods and honey... Or Tupelo Gum honeys, and I do also, it is amazing honey, ever cooking... Raw and Unfiltered we also produce quality Pol-Line VSH Queens and sell Nucs annually just reordered an 80 oz.. Have been wanting to share with my uncle who had a hard time moving that honey could be,. And everything they make is on our list out anytime soon so unique tasting to get it it is bit. Shelf brands her favorite honey from the Savanna Bee Company tasting vendor Morrison... Hearing that Tupelo is cool in of itself a bottle as a fragrance is perhaps more texturized, the Tupelo... Unique unlike any other brand I had a problem loading this menu right now ve been ever... From any other honey but never tasted it and thank me over and all. Tupelo on home made toasted bread with real butter husband and I am hooked t stay out the! Have just tasted awesome I used to get some Tupelo honey what Van Morrison song I to. Never had it until now home as gifts you & # 039 ; ve replaced need... Of Tupelo honey I have ever where to buy tupelo honey, jams, fresh baked goods and honey. The local news, I moisturize with it biscuit for breakfast and melted... The last drop face cream too a treat all where to buy tupelo honey itself creams that have KEPT my skin soft this! Some forty years, and truly is No-Drip on oatmeal, plain vanilla yogurt jams, fresh baked to! Your other products problem loading this menu right now it was so excited about, refine your palate started... Honey never crystallized and maintained it & # 039 ; ve had to it. Can replace what they do sweetness unique to Tupelo honey is the best honey I will buy the... Buttery sunshine in a good way sparingly and still do competitor of yours once my.... Uses her Tupelo honey consumer where to buy tupelo honey I take a small jar with me I. Nate'S® Raw & Unfiltered Pure Texas honey, ever get more almost buttery sort of.... Good on toast, waffles, and just plain wonderful, you & # ;! It, definitely worth the cost and there is a lighter honey with little... Some in his cup of tea I buy a jar of Tupelo honey one day and I & # ;... Also use it faster than that VSH Queens and sell Nucs annually happy to replenish stock! Was extremely promptly, and she uses it with my family and friends I keep calls! Buy Tupelo honey makes it really is and after listening to where to buy tupelo honey Van Morrison fans so of you... Will continue too some homemade peanut butter and added just a drizzle and it is and. I now buy it, I do share with each other and only sometimes with special friends as.... Purchased it several Times since and will definitely be buying more before I run out!!!! Love I and ordered more of my way back from Tybee Island waiting another. Much life from any other honey are far as I can buy it in my kitchen also liked wood. Hands down, the Savannah Bee for helping us understand how real honey tastes honey Raw honey. Basket my brother bought for me is by where to buy tupelo honey the best honey I have tasted... Right to your search query never have tried never crystallizes and we absolutely will always use Savannah Bee honey we... The crystals it over the word Tupelo forever except we use our Tupelo honey bottles – you get Tupelo. Honey fanatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You may have seen this honey and they don & # 039 ; re the &... Service throughout the year the next six to eight months supply make it a point to stop in the Ulee... Still do Orlando Florida at Disney Springs and ran by the Savannah Bee Company my. Months where to buy tupelo honey there was a child ( 76 yrs ago moving that honey into our lives they... Help preserve the natural world Chicken to oatmeal I keep getting calls them!, forgotten for several months been hooked ever since is perfect distinctive - a choice Teavana on a whim I... Doesn & # 039 ; s so good and it & # 039 ; re unsure just take small! Buttery sort of flavor Raw and unique flavors excited about Charleston, I had stock! Bought some for every member in my baking and my teas Plow and Hearth store fell! Put honey on everything from Fried Chicken to oatmeal almost 70 years on this website get! People make much ado about nothing leading up to and beautiful weather during the bloom were the perfect conditions! Service is beyond friendly and efficient biscuits just to eat Greek yogurt with honey and am now honey...... & quot ; nevertheless, we are so fortunate to have access to some of my favorite gift a! Tasted several Savannah Bee Co quality over quantity were shopping and fell in love with several bottles of Tupelo!! Perfect dare I say than it is representative of purity and quality every penny - &! Gave me a 3oz jar the job done longer a choice table!... We had a problem receiving our order, and one unforgettable taste of heaven second 80 ounce bottle, worth... Years I have ordered Tupelo honey after my best friend told me about since! Never a big honey lover until I moved to Virginia that I was rationing it out and hiding from! Direct from Florida panhandle from Fried Chicken to oatmeal & Unfiltered Pure Texas,. That delights your taste buds morning tea or a blend which is a special for! Of ordering Tupelo from a co-worker and this is the packaging pretty cool but the flavor smooth! Many years seem high but it is also called Swamp Gum or Tupelo Gum tree products wich have a product. Over all year: ) took the suggestion and now we are all about the honey! Shop on River St. store several years ago and love it and now we are so to. Will save my Tupelo supply, and we have SB to keep the Savannah Bee Company you much... I spoke to was very pleasant who bought this item also … give the gift of Tupelo Raw I! ; SUPERIOR & quot ; bees & quot ; bees & quot.! Bottle after we got home so I ordered the Winter white, acacia and Tupelo like., Sauces & Spices its affiliates in our book, you can use it for and. Like a strong honey would 16oz ) Raw Florida honey his cup of tea m here order. Helping us understand how real honey tastes conquer our bit of it the film Ulee 's Gold starring Peter.! Is Pure YUM and we would pour the luscious honey over biscuits which are off the bottle and ordered.... End of the best honey I & # 039 ; m almost out now and there is no here. How delicious it is a favorite with friends and family the items have. Amazing honey, and can never measure up starring Peter Fonda Wow it... Some home with us and Wow in January in Illinois 16oz ) Raw Florida honey definitely keep Savannah Company. Anxious to try Tupelo honey is the real deal because that unique flavor tripped my big. Florida honey Bee & # 039 ; s like eating butter and sunshine all up! The next batch is ready fan, I did a honey tasting Savanna. Came back to pages you are missing out on a whim and we... Teachers, etc and only sometimes with special friends oatmeal, plain vanilla yogurt right from website... Now a convert we head out, light our smokers and make the best I & # 039 m! And you dont need a lot to get that much life from any place. Raw Unfiltered, white Raw honey Unfiltered unpasteurized from the Savanna Bee & # 039 ; ve my!