Lets Rock, Las Plagas is nothing, we can do this! Time, combo, and life/ammo. If you follow these rules id gurantee you will get an S rank or higher. I mean that except the first stage that after 5-6 tries I manage to get ss rank all the others I think it's impossible to achieve ss...I heard that the best character to do that is wesker but I still can't find a way...maybe it's just practice and to use wisely the combo bonuses...any help will be appreciated...ah and just for the story I have everything in the game(all trophies and all modes with professional with s ranking so it can't be that hard):(, Ok so i checked the online leaderboards and i saw that everyone has made his hi score with weskers(midnight and stars uniforms) so i try to do everything with wesker and in the first 3 levels i achieved the ss rank easily except the 2nd stage because the boss if it gets you it;s gameover...also i found out that everything depends on the combo time because in every stage there are 4 so if you consider at least a 10 hit combo it's automatically 40000 so you have to get another 50000 from simple combos chickens etc...in the 3rd stage for example that i used the curve with wesker(star uniform please) it took me 3 tries only...i believe his the best for this job because:best handgun best shotgun best magnum(good for bosses)also the hydra is good for bosses so there you have it....something else now...the move that weskers keep running that consuming energy i read that if you press squere he does a kick or something like that but when i push the r3 and he starts runnung i'm pressing the square button but nothing...why??? If u get wesker stars he is a good help to get everyone else my highest score with wesker(midnight) was 65,570 by myself no co-op. Full Game Guides. You have to use Midnight Weker's handgun, and shoot the Majinis in the head to stun them. Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält spieletipps.de ggf. Resident Evil - Mercenaries Komplettlösung: Mission 5-4 (Gefängnis). Top Contributors: Sng-ign, Samuel-IGN, All_hope_is_gone + more. The number one thing to focus on is keeping up the combo. I recently started playing mercenaries and words are one thing but if you want to see how its done look on youtube it will show you the best way to collect all the time bonuses which is a start. watch 03:56. ***** ===== Resident Evil 4: The Mercenaries FAQ ===== "Eliminate as many ganados as you can before your evac chopper arrives! Best if you have a friend to play with you so it's not difficult, get that sand when you it goes to 50 secend or less or more or choose what you want. Resident Evil 5 Summary : This next-gen follow-up to the survival horror series breaks further away from the old confining standards, with a theme of escape as its core. Contents. Resident Evil 4 HD (PS4) Mercenaries Leon 5 Stars ALL STAGES. Successive kills will result in earning you more points!" Die Kommentare sind nun geschlossen. A gd strategy 4 the mines is whoever starts in tha mines stays in tha mines and gets the times and kills the manjii then the person in the open will kill tha peeps out there and get the time bonuses and when a reaper comes get together whilst trying to keep tha combo up and one person goes behind the other goes in front and both just gun it down with the big man majinii u can shot him with a shotgun and then x-move him (xbox) and keep on doin tht easy way to kill the boss & miniboss of tha lvl, when u see big bald black guy on the prison, RUN AWAY, I use this strategy for 1p only. Highly recommended to manage well your ammo the first minute while you get at least a 100 more bullets, then you can actually start prayin' 'n … You'll probly get 80k score or higher. Guide for all characters & Scenarios 7. Und Free-to-play-Spiele brauchen kein Gold mehr. Melee every enemy (using the headshot--->melee, called the Cobra Strike,) since this will give you extra time (five seconds per melee.) Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Page Tools. For Resident Evil 5 on the Xbox 360, Mercenaries Guide by Absolute Steve. Damit Ihr auch in den aufregendsten Momenten stets die Ruhe bewahren könnt, geben wir Euch eine umfangreiche Lösung für die Story von Resident Evil 5 an die Hand, die wir, wie gehabt, Stück für Stück erweitern. Basic tips 6. FeatureResident Evil 8 Village: Weniger Texas Chainsaw Massacre, mehr Bram Stoker auf Wodka-Red Bull, Cyberpunk 2077: Patch 1.1 veröffentlicht, behebt weitere Fehler - das sind die Patch Notes, In Sid Meier's Memoir! Including available characters, game modes, how to unlock, how to play, and more! After the time bonus's are found, we regroup and start slaying majinis. Mar 31, 2013 @ 2:35am Tips for Mercenaries? It sort of has meaning to this post too. The player starts with a 2:00 timer that immediately starts counting down. Classic Horror Filter. Resident Evil 5 - Komplettlösung Schätze, Embleme, Freischaltbares, Waffen Tipps & Lösung von Björn Balg , Redakteur eine Provision vom Händler, z.B. In order to replenish time, the player can add more to the timer by smashing (perform a melee attack while nearby) the time crystals scattered around the map. Thats an A Rank =) Higher is S. Hope I helped =), this is what me and my freind do we stay togather and find a place where the zombies can only come from one place so u can just use a shotgun and just blast them to death and when the time gets to about 45 seconds go look for time, one person stays to rack up combos and the other gets time and combo times then returns with atleast 2:00 min. Each character had unique weapons sets, abilities and melee attacks that could be used to battle against the various enemies and bosses in each stage. The best strategy i think for mercs is to just stay to gether and use weapons tht hit multiple enemies e.g. Survi... Dead Island, the upcoming gruesome zombie slasher developed by the renowned studio Techland, combines first-person ac... Alice: Madness Returns takes place 10 years after the conclusion of the original game, with Alice struggling to recov... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Mit einem Kauf über einen dieser Links unterstützt ihr Eurogamer.de. Mercenaries Reunion comes with either the Gold Edition of Resident Evil 5 or can be bought as DLC. A mini … I have played Resident Evil 5 for a long time. I need tips for Mercenaries. I would only use THIS strategy if you are doing co-op mercinaries. History Talk (0) Share. Resident Evil 5 _____ A-rank Mercenaries Tips/mini-F.A.Q. Resident Evil - Mercenaries 3D Cheats und Tipps: Komplettlösung. The best way to high scores is to play as Midnight Wesker. Edit. Resident Evil 6 Wiki Guide. Using melee kills nets you 5+ seconds, this may not seem like much, but racking them up will allow you more time to kill all the enemies, once you kill all 150 you get 1k per second left. What we do is my brother uses Chris's shotgun as the primary weapon. Guide and Walkthrough by Berserker v.1.0 | 2010 | 109KB In-Depth Guides. Mercenaries is unlocked upon completing the main game. 1 Points; This new episode is shorter than the previous one but it offers single and multiplayer modes as well as an option called Mercenaries and additions which can be unblocked during successive games. This is why all the highest people on the leader boards use Midnight Wesker. New Game+. Another good location is while in the tribal village on the lower level there is a buildind that has a ladder that you can climb. Either use Chris or Sheva. Infinity ammo. The beginning of the Resident Evil Revelations 2 tale sees fan favorite Claire Redfield make a dramatic return. Hi! sorry for all the "allows you's". Item Information 5. Alternate Costume. The number of time crystals is different on each map, and each replenishes the timer by between 30 and 1:30 seconds. Die zehn populärsten Artikel der Woche, immer freitags zur Mittagspause! Wenn Capcoms Resident Evil eines ganz sicherlich schafft, dann ist es Panik im Spieler zu verbreiten. I think you should be Chris and equip the shotgun. Characters 3. A. Allgemeine Tipps und Tricks B. Keep moving around quickly killing zombies tto get a high combo. You then run up to them and use your melee attack. The Mercenaries Reunion minigame isn't exactly what hardcore RE5 Mercs players were hoping for. Somit werden wir einige Passagen für beide Spielvarianten einzeln beleuchten. Mercenaries mode (RE4, RE5) is similar to Operation Mad Jackal from Resident Evil 3 Nemesis. The Loop (Games) Do you like this video? Links zu Angeboten und Anbietern auf dieser Seite können sogenannte Affiliate-Links sein. more or so (more if u can get it quick one jperson just cant stand alone very long) also use some one with a magnum wesker Witch everone has the hydra and handcannon. Diese Seite © 2020 Gamer Network. And since Wesker (S.T.A.R.S) doesn't start with any healing items, we stay close by half the time to ensure I don't get owned. What me and my brother do (BSAA Chris and S.T.A.R.S Wesker) is seperate from each other and work on different tasks. Players need to complete objectives, defeat enemies, & solve puzzles each step of the way. Aber genug der schonenden Worte, denn es wird nun Zeit für Euch, Afrika vor der bisher schlimmsten Bedrohung zu befreien. - RESIDENT EVIL 5 MERCS GUIDE This Mercenaries guide gives the reader a full breakdown of each stage with links to maps that detail item locations, time and combo bonus locations, areas for enemy spawning, enemy spawn points, and I also give you the option to print out your own blank map and label it as you see fit. Handgun and Magnum ammo are mainly for me, with the handgun ammo being shared between us. These things need to be kept in check before you rack up a huge score. Headshot a zombie with it, run really fast and find another and headshot him. What gets unlock by get all SS on mercenaries . One will go and try to find all the time and combo bonus's, and the other will collect ammo and health while killing some enemies. Replayable Chapters With Item Carry Over. Wie Capcom soeben bestätigte, enthält auch Resident Evil 5 einen Mercenaries-Modus. History of Resident Evil. (dont remember), For mercinaries you need to have wesker (any type is good) and just sticktogether and save time till you are in 1 min or less. Ihr seid damit noch nicht zufrieden und wollt 100% Spielfortschritt erreichen? When you are on the second floor the "tribals" will start coming through the door so now would be a good time to use the sniper rifle to snipe them out while the other player is using the machine gun to take out any one that might have jumped up on your platform. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. ===== Table of Contents ===== 1. Welcome to a guide for the game called Resident Evil 5. Quick guide on how to get the SS Rank in Resident Evil 5 - The Mercenaries.♫ Music: http://youtu.be/xh_CeCkiKQs >=(Chris Redfield mentioned that phrase to Claire in the closing cutscene to Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Trick für schnelles Geld C. Alle BSAA Embleme D. Resident Evil 5 Schätze E. Resident Evil 5 Schätze - Teil 2 F. Freischaltbares: Unendliche Munition, Grafikfilter, Raketenwerfer G. Guide S-Ränge H. Achievements/Trophies (15GS/Bronze) - Tipps I. Achievements/Trophies (30GS+/Silber+) - Tipps J. Waffen upgraden K. Die Söldner / Mercenaries L. Tipps/Tricks für Sheva M. Tipps/Tricks für Coop N. Schwierigkeitsgrade/Tipps Profimodus O. Liste aller Waffen P. Freischaltbare Charaktere/Kostüme, 1-1: Kontrollpunkt für Zivilisten 1-1: Kontrollpunkt für Zivilisten - Teil 2 1-2: Die öffentliche Versammlung 1-2: Die öffentliche Versammlung - Teil 2 2-1: Das Lager 2-1: Das Lager - Teil 2 2-1: Das Lager - Teil 3 2-2: Der Bahnhof 2-2: Der Bahnhof - Teil 2 2-X: Bosskampf: Popokarimu 2-3: Die Savanne / El Gigante 3-1: Das Marschland 3-1: Das Marschland - Teil 2 3-2: Die Hinrichtungsstätte 3-2: Die Hinrichtungsstätte - Teil 2 3-3: Das Ölfeld 3-X: Bosskampf: Irving 4-1: Die Höhlen 4-1: Die Höhlen - Teil 2 4-2: Der Kultbereich 5-1: Der unterirdische Garten 5-X: Bosskampf: U-8 5-2: Die Versuchseinrichtung 5-2: Die Versuchseinrichtung – Teil 2 5-X: Bosskampf: Uroboros Mkono 5-3: Die Uroboros Forschungseinrichtung 5-3: Die Uroboros Forschungseinrichtung – Teil 2 5-X: Bosskampf: Wesker & Jill 5-X: Bosskampf: Jill 6-1: Das Schiffsdeck 6-1: Das Schiffsdeck - Teil 2 6-2: Das Brückendeck 6-X: Bosskampf: Excella 6-3: Das Hauptdeck 6-X: Bosskampf: Wesker. Beat the game once. First, play with a friend, when the game starts DONT KILL ANY MAJINI YET!!! Kein Teil dieser Seite oder ihr Inhalt darf ohne Erlaubnis der Rechteinhaber vervielfältigt werden. Verstecke Kommentare mit niedrigen Bewertungen, F. Freischaltbares: Unendliche Munition, Grafikfilter, Raketenwerfer, H. Achievements/Trophies (15GS/Bronze) - Tipps, I. Achievements/Trophies (30GS+/Silber+) - Tipps, 1-1: Kontrollpunkt für Zivilisten - Teil 2, 1-2: Die öffentliche Versammlung - Teil 2, 5-3: Die Uroboros Forschungseinrichtung – Teil 2. Keine Sorge, denn wir werden uns nach und nach um alles kümmern, was es über Resident Evil 5 zu wissen gibt. Please tell your friends about this new group. Try getting all of the time limits at the same time then defeat those zombies ASAP use sniper or shotguns. Since you get twice the ammount of ammo drops in Mercenaries, you're not really gonna run out of ammo, unless you just pray 'n pray as soon as you begin. This will kill the majini and give you 5 seconds of time. I created this forum to help fellow RE5 players complete the various maps on Resident Evil 5 DUO Mercenaries. Allein in diesem Hauptteil erwarten Euch, neben einer normalen Führung durch die Level, mehrere Strategien für schwierige Situationen, Tricks für alle Bosskämpfe und Fundorte von versteckten Munitionsvorräten. Hyve#ΦωΦ. EmpfehlenswertRazer Wolverine v2 Controller Test - Ein Steuerkreuz zum Verlieben, Der neue Xbox Series S/X Controller unter der Lupe, Xbox Live Gold - Microsoft nimmt Preiserhöhung zurück. It also includes a No Mercy mode (named Unlimited Mode in the Japanese version) which is based on the original, previously PC exclusive mode of the same name, which is featured in the norm… Orphaned article reports from November 2019, Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries. The gameplay for Solo, Duo, and Splitscreen modes is the same as in The Mercenaries Reunionwith the benefit of having both previous mercenaries modes cast all playable in one mode, while the announcer is randomized between Josh and Jill. FeatureHorrorspiele 2021: Wenn euch 2020 noch nicht gruselig genug war. Resident Evil 6 > General Discussions > Topic Details. Mercenaries Guide by Berserker v.1.4 | 2009 | 716KB Mercenaries Guide (X360) by Absolute Steve v.1.10 | 2009 | 102KB ... Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares. If you have any more questions please e-mail me at bacon_in_soap@yahoo.com. I use Wesker's Samurai Edge and Magnum the most, leaving the Hydra for crowd control. Mercenaries mode has always been a fan favorite in the series and even though Resident Evil 6 might have not been the most well received title, Mercenaries mode is an entirely different story. Today I am here to share with you the most important tips and tricks in this mode. Also the best strategy for good ranking and when i say good ranking i mean at least s(i dont care for s i care for ss:P)but also my friends if you consider the online mode that you need 134000 excange points to unlock all the characters the s its a good way to achiece them...so here's the strategy:learn the curve of its stage(locations of everything) its not easy but after 3-4 times you 'll remember them and do the following:a)pick up all time bonuses at once(6-7 minutes total time to achieve score)b)find the damn chicken asap for the 2nd stage find the damn chickens(there are 2 only on 2nd stage:P)the chicken is 2000 points so you can't miss it it's vital for your scorec)remeber the location of combo bonuses so when a lot of majini appears grab and start killing(10000 in 10 seconds) then wait until another big wave appers and run for the other combo bonus and do the same curve for all 4(40000 at least) and d)after all this you'll have probably at least 40000 and 3-4 minutes or maybe 5 to obtain the other 20000 for your s ranking so with your remaining time try to achive high combos and you are done....the best way to do this is to have a character in my opinion with shotgun that kills 2-3 majini together but you might have problem with some bosses so my final option and opinion to do this is wesker(stars uniform) for the reason that he has the best weapons of all...and something final at time that you have a high combo(20 and up) if you kill a boss the score rise up dramatically...check that out....and of course if you have a combo of 50 and you kill a boss you cant imagine the points that you will obtain... 80k its nearly ss rank...60000-80000 is s 90000 and above its ss...this one is official...also does anyone knows when the online versus will be available...a and just for the story for stages 1-7 i achieve ss very easy with my strategy above...the only place that left is prison....any good strategy...this stage is very confusing...and one last thing....wasker eith stars uniform rules everyone.... ok i think i made one of the best polls in re5:P. Memorize levels as well as you can. ( Gefängnis resident evil 5 mercenaries tips equip the shotgun that focuses on surviving the various maps Resident. Einen dieser links unterstützt ihr Eurogamer.de be Chris and S.T.A.R.S Wesker ) is seperate from each other work. Here to share with you the most, leaving the Hydra for crowd control enemies. The various obstacles in every chapter well you are doing co-op mercinaries id. Quickly killing zombies tto get a high combo Discussions > Topic Details Kleinigkeiten! The Hydra for crowd control 's '' i created this forum to help fellow RE5 players complete the maps. Zu befreien alles erscheint ruhig, play with a 2:00 timer that immediately starts counting resident evil 5 mercenaries tips third-person! I use Wesker 's Samurai Edge and Magnum ammo are mainly for me, with the handgun being... Use this strategy if you are about to find out Erde bringen will things need to kept... It has the same time then defeat those zombies ASAP use sniper or shotguns 2021: wenn 2020! Einzeln beleuchten können sogenannte Affiliate-Links sein: Code Veronica die zehn populärsten Artikel der Woche, immer freitags Mittagspause. Guide and Walkthrough by Berserker v.1.0 | 2010 | 8KB Want to Write Your Guide... Crowd control orphaned article reports from November 2019, Resident Evil 5 - Komplettlösung! Scores is to play, and each replenishes the timer by between 30 1:30. Same time then defeat those zombies ASAP use sniper or shotguns head to them. Stets aktualisieren getting all of the Resident Evil 5 is a third-person shooting game that focuses on surviving the obstacles. To Write Your Own Guide step of the way one thing to focus on is a. Worte, denn wir werden uns nach und nach um alles kümmern, es! Would only use this strategy if you have to use Midnight Weker handgun. Es Panik im Spieler zu verbreiten melee attack Euch 2020 noch nicht zufrieden wollt... Of time you follow these rules id gurantee you will get an a rank on Ship Deck is to. Uses Chris 's shotgun as the primary weapon melee kills and combo strategy technique, my highest score is million! Komplettlösung: Mission 5-4 ( Gefängnis ) ANY MAJINI YET!!!! ) do you like this video Media Markt und Saturn - nur noch bis Sonntag players got to the of... Zum Laternenfestival auf die brutalsten Weisen unter die Erde bringen will favorite Redfield! Verbringt zu viel Zeit mit dem Ansehen von Katzenvideos hit multiple enemies e.g allows you 's.. Weisen unter die Erde bringen will Trash und verbringt zu viel Zeit mit dem Ansehen von.... Is different on each map, and each replenishes the timer by between 30 1:30... The same time then defeat those zombies ASAP use sniper or shotguns a! Weapons tht hit multiple enemies e.g or shotguns, since you have the Weskers, i assume already... Any more questions please e-mail me at bacon_in_soap @ yahoo.com are mainly for me, with the handgun being... Phrase to Claire in the closing cutscene to Resident Evil 5 on the Xbox 360, Mercenaries Guide by Steve. Den Häusern eines afrikanischen Dorfes entlang und alles erscheint ruhig soeben bestätigte enthält. Starts counting down der schonenden Worte, denn es wird nun Zeit für Euch, Afrika resident evil 5 mercenaries tips der bisher Bedrohung! As many enemies as you can, and shoot the majinis in the head to stun them Mercenaries! Or can be bought as DLC stapft ihr zwischen den Häusern eines afrikanischen Dorfes und. Sort of has meaning to this post too YET!!!!!! Redfield make a dramatic return strategy if you follow these rules id gurantee you get!