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‘BURNING SECRETS’ is another in the series of popular crime novels set in Cumbria. Scroll down for the Paypal to place your order, with free p&p.

The new book is set in West Cumbria, during the chaos of the 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak.

Farming families were separated by the need to barricade the farm against contamination.

Twelve year old Helen Heslop is living away from home.

Then, she disappears.


Burning Secrets costs £8.99 including post and packing.  

You can listen to a BBC Radio Cumbria interview I did with Caroline Robertson about Burning Secrets here.

My first audio book is also available, for £10.00 for three CDs. This is a really good price for an audiobook, and would make a great gift for a friend who prefers to listen than read, or for someone – like me – who loves listening to books in the car. 

The audio book CDs cost £10.00 including post and packing.  


All three books in the ‘Jessie Whelan’ trilogy – £25 including postage and packing.  


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Ruth’s Crime Fiction ‘Cumbria Noir’




In November 2015, my first crime fiction story Cruel Tide appeared, and not long afterwards readers started clamouring for the sequel.





Fatal Reckoning picks up the story two years on, in 1971, adds another twist and brings back our two young investigators, journalist Judith Pharaoh and DC Sam Tognarelli to try to finish what they started.




Crime fiction was a new venture for me in 2015, and I learned a great deal from writing Cruel Tide, including the problem of portraying wrong-doing in a recogniseable local setting. That was one of the interesting issues raised in my BBC Radio Cumbria interview with Paul Braithwaite on November 26th 2015. To listen to the interview, click  here.

The sequel Fatal Reckoning is set in Barrow-in-Furness and Whitehaven in 1971, so the local interest is still strong. You can read it without having read ‘Cruel Tide’, or as the second in a series. If you’ve read my first three books, details below, you’ll recognise some of the characters from those too, but again, each story can be read on its own. 

You can order Cruel Tide or Fatal Reckoning  through any bookshop, and most bookshops in Cumbria have them on the shelf. Or you can buy through this site using Paypal.

Cruel Tide costs £8.99 including post and packing.  

Fatal Reckoning costs £8.99 including post and packing  

You can also buy from Amazon. The ebook versions are all available through the Kindle Store.

The ebook and ‘Print on Demand’ formats of Cruel TideFatal Reckoning and Burning Secrets are  handled by Fahrenheit Press, a specialist crime fiction digital publisher. Check on Amazon for both of those, and you’ll notice the different covers that Fahrenheit chose for them – very ‘noir’!

Ruth Sutton’s Cumbria trilogy ‘Between the Mountains and the Sea’



1937: Jessie Whelan has always been a good liar, trying to protect her independence and her career as a teacher in West Cumberland. But she risks everything when, after years of discreet loneliness, she embarks on a love affair, while her secret past draws ever closer…

(ISBN 978 0 9523871 76)

A Good Liar costs £8.99 including postage and packing.  

Or buy from Amazon or Kindle edition



1947: Jessie’s lies are beginning to unravel, and the truth could overwhelm her. In the gloom of post-war Cumberland she struggles to maintain her job and the respect of her community. There is one man for whom honesty will matter more than most.

(ISBN 978 0 9523871 83)


Forgiven costs £8.99 postage and packing.  

Or buy from Amazon or Kindle edition

Fallout175by270 1957: Jessie has finally come to terms with her past, but events at Windscale, the nearby nuclear plant, bring a compelling stranger into her world and possible devastation to the entire community.


(ISBN 978 0 9523871 69)

Fallout costs £8.99 including postage and packing.  


In North America, by the way, the easiest way to purchase is direct from my distributor, Portage and Main Press of Winnipeg. Their website is

I think that covers everything. I hope you find a way to buy that suits you, and that’s it worth it in terms of reading pleasure!

If you’d like to listen to a radio interview I had when A Good Liar was published, click here. And you can read my regular blog by clicking on ‘My Blog’ on the menu, or access it on