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NIC_1948What can I tell you about me?

  • I’m a very independent person, which – like many things – is good up to a point, but can get tricky sometimes
  • I live in a very beautiful place, but it’s a long way to a cinema, or a big supermarket, and if the time comes when I can’t or don’t want to drive, I’ll have to move as there’s no public transport.
  • I qualify for a bus pass, but there aren’t any buses
  • My daughter and her family live quite close by, and I love to see my two grandchildren
  • After decades on my own, I have a partner whom I love. We each have our own house, 40 minutes apart, and this life style suits us both
  • I wrote my first novel after I was 60, gave up trying to find an agent and decided to publish myself, to a high commercial standard and in paperback as well as ebook. It’s meant investing some money, but I’m happy with the product and enjoying the self-publishing process. I write about all the writing and publishing stuff in my blog.

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  1. I loved these books and read the entire trilogy on our summer holidays. They are particularly poignant, as my mother grew up in Seascale (as did I) and my father in Broad Oak (Waberthwaite) – both my parents remember the events surrounding the ‘fire’. To me it feels as though the books were written about a number of past family members (and friends) and some of their antics!!! I love the local dialect used (which I still hear when I speak to the folks back ‘home’) and the description of the places reminds me of how fortunate I was to grow up in such a beautiful area. Well done Ruth – I can see a lot of xmas presents already sorted this year!!!!

  2. Hi Ruth,
    I went to a conference in Portland many many years ago and went to your presentation. I wanted to let you know that you changed the way I assess student work. I always let them know two things they did well and two things to improve. These things to improve now turn into their learning goals.

    I wanted to let you that you had a huge impact on how I assess student work and provided feedback.
    Thank you,
    Alexandra Craig

    1. Thanks very much for your message Alexandra. Very gratifying! Sorry I’ve been slow to reply – my website has been giving some problems.

  3. Ruth I have just ordered your trilogy as a Christmas gift and would be extremely grateful if this order could be sent in time for Christmas. I realise that this is possibly an unrealistic request but thought I would ask anyway. My mother is a huge fan.

    Many thanks,

  4. Hi Ruth, You probably won’t remember me, I was a deputy head at St Augustine’s in Oldham when you worked there and I loved going to your presentations and workshops on Assessment, Recording and Reporting. I once went to London where you did a radio interview with me and a couple of other teachers. I left Oldham in 1994 to become headteacher of another comprehensive with the same name in Billington, Lancashire, near Whalley, where I live. I retired in 2012 but I still work, supporting school leadership in Brazil [I speak Portuguese] and for the Diocese of Lancaster supporting their secondary schools – which means I visit Cumbria regularly. I’m still in touch with Steve Munby – he’s got his 60th birthday coming up this weekend. Our three kids are now adults – time flies. You were one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met and I am grateful for the positive impact you had on my thinking about education. Keep well, best regards.

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