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NIC_1948What can I tell you about me?

  • I’m a very independent person, which – like many things – is good up to a point, but can get tricky sometimes
  • I live in a very beautiful place, but it’s a long way to a cinema, or a big supermarket, and if the time comes when I can’t or don’t want to drive, I’ll have to move as there’s no public transport.
  • I qualify for a bus pass, but there aren’t any buses
  • My daughter and her family live quite close by
  • After decades on my own, I have a partner whom I love. We each have our own house, 40 minutes apart, and this life style suits us both
  • I wrote my first novel after I was 60, gave up trying to find an agent and decided to publish myself, to a high commercial standard and in paperback as well as ebook. It’s meant investing some money, but I’m happy with the product and enjoying the self-publishing process. I write about all the writing and publishing stuff in my blog.

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  1. I loved these books and read the entire trilogy on our summer holidays. They are particularly poignant, as my mother grew up in Seascale (as did I) and my father in Broad Oak (Waberthwaite) – both my parents remember the events surrounding the ‘fire’. To me it feels as though the books were written about a number of past family members (and friends) and some of their antics!!! I love the local dialect used (which I still hear when I speak to the folks back ‘home’) and the description of the places reminds me of how fortunate I was to grow up in such a beautiful area. Well done Ruth – I can see a lot of xmas presents already sorted this year!!!!

  2. Hi Ruth,
    I went to a conference in Portland many many years ago and went to your presentation. I wanted to let you know that you changed the way I assess student work. I always let them know two things they did well and two things to improve. These things to improve now turn into their learning goals.

    I wanted to let you that you had a huge impact on how I assess student work and provided feedback.
    Thank you,
    Alexandra Craig

    1. Thanks very much for your message Alexandra. Very gratifying! Sorry I’ve been slow to reply – my website has been giving some problems.

  3. Ruth I have just ordered your trilogy as a Christmas gift and would be extremely grateful if this order could be sent in time for Christmas. I realise that this is possibly an unrealistic request but thought I would ask anyway. My mother is a huge fan.

    Many thanks,

  4. Hi Ruth
    I was scheduled to attend your workshop on Monday 7 March on ‘How to Self-Publish successfully’, but regrettably, I now need to be back in Nottingham to work in the evening.
    Would it be possible to a have a phone conversation with you at some point?
    I live both in Cumbria (Allonby) and Nottingham, working in both.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Lina Mookerjee

  5. Have read all your books just recently set in cumbria,they felt like coming home. My mother came from bootle and we spent all holidays there from 1956. I remember her telling us about the rescue from the Esbo when it ran aground. Remember my dad telling me about my pram being covered in Ash in the front garden of my grandma s house at Bootle after the fire at Winscales also. My grandma lived at Swallowhurst cottage at Bootle and rented it from George Riley ,he was a regular visitor to the attached farm there with his friend Mr Lowery, wonder if any relation to your assistant. Looking forward to more good reads from yourself in the future . Thank you. Daphne,

  6. Hi Ruth, You probably won’t remember me, I was a deputy head at St Augustine’s in Oldham when you worked there and I loved going to your presentations and workshops on Assessment, Recording and Reporting. I once went to London where you did a radio interview with me and a couple of other teachers. I left Oldham in 1994 to become headteacher of another comprehensive with the same name in Billington, Lancashire, near Whalley, where I live. I retired in 2012 but I still work, supporting school leadership in Brazil [I speak Portuguese] and for the Diocese of Lancaster supporting their secondary schools – which means I visit Cumbria regularly. I’m still in touch with Steve Munby – he’s got his 60th birthday coming up this weekend. Our three kids are now adults – time flies. You were one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met and I am grateful for the positive impact you had on my thinking about education. Keep well, best regards.

  7. Hello Ruth.
    I’m also with Fahrenheit Press and it seems my books are bought by your readers. I also agree with your comment about swearing – plus I’m retired.
    Are you on Facebook as well as Twitter. I am Tony R Cox, author of First Dead Body and A Fatal Drug.

  8. Hi Ruth, You will remember that I contacted you some months ago now about the Dalton-in-Furness Literature Festival and you said you were available to take part on November 4th. I am sorry to have been so quiet since but there was a delay getting the grant applications off. Now they are off and we expect results in the next few weeks. Once the money is assured I will confirm with you [is this still the best way to contact you?]
    I have put you down to work as a pair of crime writers with Martin Edwards in the afternoon session [2-3.30] and I am contacting Hills to ensure we have a supply of your books for sale. The audience will be charged £5 and tickets will be on sale online and elsewhere. At the moment we are choosing the best of three possible venues in town and will let you know which nearer the time.
    A fee of £150 plus travel expenses will be available.
    Best wishes

  9. Dear Ruth

    Just a quick note to say that I cannot get over your books!They are just fantastic. Bought ‘Fallout’ first – but then got the first two and read ‘Fallout’ again ! Just loved them and loved ‘Cruel Tide’ and am now half way through ‘Fatal Reckoning.’ – Can’t put them down – read Cruel Tide in about 6 hours…… Bought them at Spindle Craft at Drigg and Kathleen says you have another one out in June 2018. Bring it on ! Don’t like many books but by god, they’re great. Keep them coming Ruth. Diana Gibson (Seascale/Glasgow). Live in Glasgow but spend 2 or 3 weeks each month in Seascale.

    1. Delighted to hear that you’re enjoying all the books Diana. Yes here is a new one coming out in June. It’s called ‘Burning Secrets’ and Kath will have it as soon as it’s available. Spread the word! Thanks for the feedback – very encouraging.

  10. My wife and I have just read”Cruel Tide” and “Fatal Reckoning” and couldn’t put them down! We know the area well (I’m from Lancaster) and you really capture local colour. We hope there are more books on the way about Judith and Sam: great characters that readers really care about. Many thanks!

  11. Dear Ruth Sutton,
    My name is Prof. Sondra M. Rubenstein (Retired). I was on an exchange program from Hofstra University (in NY) when we met in September 1986 in East China Normal University, where you were also a “foreign expert,” but were staying for a week. I remember being very impressed with you, and enjoyed spending some time with you in Shanghai.

    I had kept a journal, which — over the years — I consulted from time to time. In 2001, after retiring from Hofstra, we moved to Israel, where I joined the faculty of Haifa University, on a part-time basis. At the end of January 2015, I retired.

    Having had more time to think, I wrote a book about my experiences in China. On completing the book, I laid it aside and only recently returned to it, with renewed interest. In re-reading my journal, I came upon your name and some of what I had learned from you about student assessment.

    My life took an interesting turn when Israel’s Foreign Ministry engaged my services several times to participate in various programs held at the Mount Carmel Center for International Communication (MCTC info available online) from 2002 – 20012). In addition, the Ministry sent me to Vietnam (2006),to China twice (July 4-17, 2005 and Aug.-Sept, 2004), to conduct two-week seminars at the Beijing All China’s Women Foreign Language Publications Headquarters; to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Sept. 2003), for a one-week course for the Ethiopian News Agency; and to Nepal (Feb. 2003) for a one-week course in Kathmandu and a one-week course in Pokhara. My students were generally young journalists and editors.

    I am wondering of you would like to be in touch with me, Best, S. Rubenstein

  12. I organise speakers for Whitehaven U3a. I have been told you sometimes speak to various groups. We meet at the Salvation Army building, Whitehaven at 2.00 pm on weds and the meetings last about an hour. I an presently organising speakers for september onwards. Thank you for your attention.. Regards Gerry Dunleavy

  13. hi
    you are to give a talk at our U3A in whitehaven next week. I sort out the laptop and projector if needed. Do you need anything like that for your talk?


    1. No, I won’t need the technology Rob, thanks for asking. But I will need a table to display the books and other materials I refer to during my talk.
      See you next week

  14. Hi Ruth
    My name is Phil and I live near Wetherby in Yorkshire, I would like to contact you about Penny Kahn who I believe you used to know, i went to school with her and could do with a quick chat with you, sorry but cannot contact you any other way – regards Phil

  15. Hi Ruth. I sat next to you recently on a flight from Wellington to Dunedin (the flight that had all the doctors preparing to graduate the next day!) . I enjoyed our conversations, and thank you for directing me to your books – I have just read Bad Liar on my kindle and am about to get the rest of that series now. We are on a road trip heading back to Wellington for Christmas now, so great to have some good reads to look forward to. I wanted to catch up after the flight to wish you well for the rest of your NZ travels, but missed you. I hope your travels are going well. Regards Marian Gray

  16. Hi Ruth
    I just want to say how much me and my husband have enjoyed reading your trilogy “between the mountains and the sea”. Ihave lived in Cumbria all my life apart from two years when I was born, so to read about all the places I love wrapped in a fantastic story that draws you in is amazing. We bought your books from the craft shop at Drigg Station as we travel fairly regularly between Ulverston and Whitehaven and like to stop off for a coffee on our way. We look forward to reading more of your books long may you continue, thanks for such good reading love
    Phil and Clare Davey

  17. Hi Ruth,

    I learned about you in Cumbria County Council’s latest e-letter announcing your upcoming appearance at the Carlisle Library, and have just left a 5-star review of “A Good Liar” on Amazon. “Cruel Tide” is the next read on my Kindle.

    Thanks (or not) to a set of great-grandparents who left the Penrith area (where I still have many 3rd cousins) for America in 1882, i was born and raised in Kansas, as far from any coast as one can get in the USA. Whether this was Ggf Philip’s intention, gene memory apparently draws me to any book set on any English coast, but especially to those set in any part of Cumbria, as stories of the Old Country weren’t passed down to my mother’s generation and hence not to mine, either.

    I’ve been reading Bruce Beckham’s “inspector Skelgill” series for years and am thrilled he has unashamedly begun including more Cumbrian dialect. I enjoyed also finding it in “Liar” and am looking forward to same in “Cruel Tide”. This is the closest I’ll ever get to the words and phrases my Ggm would’ve used to cause her uncurious American-born dau-in-law to tell my mother and her sibs, “Ignore her, she talks funny”.

    Again, although I’ve only read the one book, I’ve no doubt your books will become other series to follow as faithfully as “Skelgill”.

    Well done, Ruth!

    1. Thanks for this Joanna – delighted to learn that you’re reading my books in Kansas! Hope you enjoy Cruel Tide, and the crime series that follow. They’re all avaialable on Kindle now.
      Best wishes, Ruth

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