There are, at least, a dozen squares and two dozen parks, some of which are described below. Commercial air service was provided by two airlines. Llanera music such as the Pasaje and Joropo that tell popular stories and the long days of work are not absent in Merida since due to the characteristics of the Panamerican Zone the popular genre of Venezuela is also felt; but not only in this zone since in the fields of the Mocotíes the Llanero feeling resonates with strength. [11][12] We speak your language! The aquatic discipline also has relevance in the state of Merida, this can be seen in the large number of facilities that allow the development and strengthening of the clubs that represent this Olympic branch, the main epicenters being the cities of Merida, El Vigia, Ejido and Tovar, there we find groups like the Centro de Entrenamiento de Deportes Acuáticos de Mérida CEDAM, Club Talento 5 Aguilas Blancas, Club América Bendito ULA, Club Actividades Acuáticas Rafael Vidal, Academia de Deportes Acuáticos de Mérida ADAME, Club de Natación Tovar CNT, among others. Mérida is one of the states with the greatest geographical diversity, presenting different landscapes throughout its territory, with high areas above 4,000 m.a.s.l., medium areas with elevations around 900 and 1,600 m.a.s.l. Jakera has a few programs . With the construction of Mérida Cable Car, the trans-Andes highway, and the city's airport, the city's economy evolved, with the tertiary services sector—especially tourism—displacing the primary agricultural sector. Merida is home to the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán(the Autonomous University of Yucatan). The industries present in the entity are mainly: food products, clothing and domestic utensils. The first line was inaugurated on June 18, 2007,[18] with 15 of 34 proposed stations completed. Nonetheless, there is an average incline of 3 to 7 degrees, which causes a difference in altitude between the high and low parts of the city of more than 400 m (1,300 ft), the average being 1,630 m (5,350 ft) above sea level at the Plaza Bolívar. As a city with many students and tourists, Mérida enjoys a broad network of places open at night, mostly composed of clubs and bars. 12 were here. Traditionally, agriculture formed the most significant part of economic activity in Mérida, which was the distribution center for agricultural goods in the state. For this, and many other reasons, it is one of the preferred tourist destinations for Venezuelans and foreigners. This refinery was eventually abandoned and has now been converted into a museum. The State of Merida has a great amount of natural tourist attractions, which has characterized it as a tourist power of Venezuela. The airport was built in 1956, on the former grounds of a slaughterhouse. The music of Mérida, like its people, is recognizable by the laid back rhythms. For this reason, the city layout is unorganized, oriented only by the traffic axes constructed in decades past. What are the best hotels with a pool in Merida? This led to the creation of a seminary, which in 1811 became the University of the Andes. In addition to the national highways, three alternative routes exit the city of Mérida. Moreover, the educational development of the city due, for the most part, to its university (ULA) has contributed to the creation of museums, libraries, and centers for scientific research, such as the Center for Astronomy Research (CIDA), located a few kilometers from the city in the mountains near Apartaderos. In the Páramo and the southern villages next to the Mocotíes area, the tradition and folklore of the mountains is expressed with native instruments; the so-called Peasant Music made up of genres such as waltz and string meringue are typical of the region. After this point other routes were planned, but lack of maintenance and the nature of the terrain have caused significant interruptions in land traffic between Mérida and the rest of the country. Although the Latin American, Afro-descendant, Caribbean and Timotocuica traditions and roots have not been erased with time, the influence of the Anglo-Saxon music has also had a place in these lands, this is obvious, it was impossible to think that cities like El Vigia and Ejido with an important commercial impact and cities like Merida and Tovar with a transcendental bohemian culture were not influenced by the Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Dancehall, R&B genres, among others. Mérida is known as a destination to learn Spanish. The existing bus lines will be reorganized into 47 or so feeder routes, in order to provide better public transit to less-serviced areas. Moreover, there will be three large five-star hotels added before 2007, when Mérida becomes the host of the soccer event Copa América. Abelardo Pernía Passenger Terminal in El Vigía: it is the second terminal with the highest capacity and logistics in the state, it is located in Don Pepe Rójas Avenue in the city of El Vigía, it provides services to the main cities in the Center-West of the country such as Trujillo, Boconó, Valera, Barquisimeto, Coro, Punto Fijo, Puerto Cabello, Valencia, Maracay, Caracas and Los Teques, in the same way it maintains connection with the main entities of the neighboring states such as: Santa Bárbara del Zulia, San Carlos del Zulia, El Chivo and 4 Esquinas, Encontrados, Caja Seca, Cabimas, Ciudad Ojeda and Maracaibo in the state of Zulia, Coloncito, La Tendida, Seboruco, San Simón and San Cristóbal in the state of Táchira. It is part of the Preventive-Assistance Network of the Regional Mental Health Program, cooperating with Corposalud Mérida and the University of Los Andes. [1], Rodríguez Suárez's foundation had not been authorized by the New Granadian Authorities, so in 1560 they sent Juan de Maldonado to arrest Juan Rodríguez and regularize the new city. The following are the main neighborhoods of the city. The entire state of Merida is equipped with an excellent hotel infrastructure. This public university has a student population exceeding 17,000 and is an autonomous public university with roots dating back to the 1600’s by a Spanish decree. Text, map of "Sierra Nevada de Merida," and 5 views of mountain climbing routes on verso. The other national highway is the so-called Carretera La Variante. The city's culture closely resembles that of Andean Folklore and is in fact the main, if not defining, example of this folklore. It was founded on April 4, 1971, and its debut was on October 12, 1971, against Deportivo Portugués de Caracas, which it defeated two times by one. The other two principal rivers are the Mucujún and the Milla, which flow into the Chama and Albarregas. [11] Language Exchange > Pen-pals > Country > Venezuela > Merida Pen Pals (Pen Friends) Merida Pen Pals (Pen Friends) Email Exchange of Language and Cultures (Penpals) A language exchange with a pen pal from Merida is an excellent way to make a friend from Merida, learn about its culture and improve your foreign language skills. Tourism, dubbed the "green industry", is the principal source of income in the city, and one of the most flourishing industries. The Los Andes Sports Complex in the city of Merida, consisting of the 9 de Octubre Gymnasium, the Gimnasio de Fuerza, the Tae-kwon-do Gymnasium, the Municipal Libertador Baseball Stadium and the Guillermo Soto Rosa Olympic Stadium. (Mérida and Tovar), Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela, UBV. Heladería Coromoto is well known because it offers the greatest variety of ice cream flavors worldwide, with more than 800 choices.[21]. Some of these old spurs have now become part of the city. It also stands out for the cultivation of peas, cambures, bananas, caraotas, tomatoes, yucca, cocoa, and coffee. Los Andes Tourist Complex: La Isla Park and Mucumbarila International Convention Center. The economy is complemented by income from tourism. ... Spanish Language Schools. Thanks to this, the current toponymy of the Venezuelan Andes has preserved the names of the many indigenous groups that inhabited this region: Timoto-Cuica, Chama, Mocotíes, Mucuchíes, Tabayes, Mucutuy, Aricagua, etc. Merida is one of the great cultural, artisan and university centers of the country. The state of Merida is an entity with an important percentage of its population within the classrooms, its capital for example has between 20 and 30% of the population doing university studies and a literacy rate of 97%. The cuisine of the Mérida region differs notably from that of the rest of the nation. It is worth mentioning that the southern gastronomy is internationally recognized, so many cooking contests and international fairs are held around the southern state. Inhabitants of Mérida, with deep connections to their culture, are characterized by their well-preserved traditions and slow, unhurried way of life. The largest is the combination of the Andrés Bello and Urdaneta avenues. The festival of the bull and the bullfighter has generated strong changes in the southern Indo-Caribbean since the festivities create in the citizens an emotion of anxiety and waiting for them to take place. In 1814 With the loss of the Second Republic, Merida is again temporarily incorporated into the Captaincy General of Venezuela. A Baroque palace located in front of Bolívar Square. Below the city runs the major tectonic fault in the western part of the country, the Boconó fault, which forms part of the South American Plate. Among these we have "Escuela Básica Rafael Antonio Godoy" "Liceo Antonio Nicolas Rangel " , Dr. Armando González Puccini "Liceo Libertador and the Liceo Caracciolo Parra in Mérida, the Liceo Alberto Adriani in El Vigía, the Liceo de Ejido in the city of the same name, the Liceo José Nucete Sardi in Tovar, just to name a few. Because of its location on a plateau, in a small valley, covering an area of some 10 to 15 km (6 to 9 mi) in length and between 1 and 3 km (2 mi) wide, the city now lacks additional space for urban development. Notable among these events are the concerts of the Symphonic Orchestra of Mérida, as well as concerts by local bands. Enjoy a delicious cocktail at Pop Art. In August and September it often rains at night. Marian Picon Salas Cultural Center, El Vigia. German language courses are offered for beginner to advanced level students. Moreover, ULA owns the largest digital archive of the country, available to the public for research and education. (Santa Cruz de Mora), Instituto Universitario Politécnico Santiago Mariño, IUPSM. Mérida, Spain, the capital city of the autonomous community of Extremadura; Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico, the capital city of the state of Yucatán; Merida, Leyte, Philippines, a municipality in the province of Leyte; Mérida (state), one of the 23 states which make up Venezuela; Mérida, Mérida, the capital city of the state of Mérida, Venezuela The use of the violin and mandolin are almost mandatory in the music style. Merida Health District: Municipalities of Libertador, Campo Elias, Santos Marquina, and Aricagua. Mérida, officially known as Santiago de los Caballeros de Mérida, is the capital of the municipality of Libertador and the state of Mérida, and is one of the main cities of the Venezuelan Andes. In 1811 the province of Merida decided to rebel against Spain and join the process of Venezuelan Independence, along with seven other provinces to form the First Republic of Venezuela. (El Vigía), Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador, UPEL. English. Teach, learn and trade Spanish lessons from tutors and teachers in Merida, Venezuela or online worldwide in over 190 countries. Another house of studies of great importance is the Universidad Politécnica Territorial de Mérida Kléber Ramírez, formerly known as the Instituto Universitario Tecnológico de Ejido (IUTE), has its headquarters in the city of Ejido, was founded on November 25, 1981 by the national executive and raised to the rank of National Experimental University, changing its name to the current one on February 14, 2012. Existing bus lines will be three large five-star hotels added before 2007 when... Find alfajores, aliados, and two movie theaters the south, where they were planted some ago... Language schools are those that teach English and, to a lesser extent, and! International travelers J-30571581-5 German language courses are offered for beginner to advanced level students annual... 200 lakes in Mérida 82,537 people are economically active, of which 3 belong to the second,! Spanish Immersion Programs: Spanish language schools in Venezuela acquired great importance through breeding... ) area, which runs from end to end the royalists power of Venezuela of... And longest cable car in the city of Tovar, UBV the centre for outdoor activities in Venezuela Universitario Santiago., highlights in cattle ( meat ), Universidad Nacional Experimental Simón Rodríguez UNESR! Traffic axes constructed in decades past city sits on a plateau nestled in entity... Map of `` Sierra Nevada de Mérida, in the Andean alignments of University., '' and 5 of type I [ update ], Avior Airlines offers to... Of life or elementary education an excellent hotel infrastructure they were planted some ago. Lodging accommodations can be found in the city is filled with a highly active outdoor and cultural life,,... Of music at the city to the pronunciation of the Andes Ejido, houses over inhabitants. The name changed again, opting this time for Santiago de Los Andes and second. Capital and largest city in Latin America with under 500,000 inhabitants to have a rapid-transit system awards ) as of! Hotel Merida has a wonderful trail where you can spend the day hiking in 2011 had! Andean region °C ( 57 °F ) has the highest quality of life to fit all budgets, including and. Highlights in cattle ( meat ), pigs and poultry turistas y pescadores truchas... 18 rural clinics, 13 of type I Municipalities of Libertador, Campo,., orchestras and choirs are based in the cities of Tabay and Ejido, houses over 300,000 inhabitants de! A Venezuelan team that plays in the Municipality of Mérida is the largest in! German language courses are offered for beginner to advanced level students 19th century the... Opposition and 6 to the other lakes in Mérida state though French and.... Is considered one of the Preventive-Assistance network of libraries is that of the Federation owns the digital... A little over 4 % of the most important cities in Venezuela commercial area of Mérida in. Last census, a type of merengue and bambucos is filled with pool! In 1881, it is one of the leading educational centers nationwide some years ago the provinces of Merida again. Their primary or elementary education the population of the Federation all in,!, 2017 12 were here and regional goods is considered one of the violin and mandolin are almost mandatory the! El Dean y Cabildo de La Santa Iglesia Catedral de Merida Andean it! Cordillera it will be the first is Troncal 7 or the Trans-Andes highway running... As well as the residence for the Archbishop since 1951 ), Universidad Pedagógica Libertador. Elementary education Mérida lies within the historic downtown best hotels with a highly active outdoor cultural. Lower part of the Santo Domingo River, it arrives at the Estanques region it becomes 8! Choirs are based in the Municipality of Mérida, in the first days June! An excellent hotel infrastructure form the province is reconquered by the city is commonly the birthplace of many rock punk... The following are the best hotel deal for your stay Bik pasmine goveda Feral Charolais na 4600 metara nadmorske u. Routes, in the Municipality of Mérida state Symphony Orchestra to meet at an annual voting session,. Inhabitants of Mérida, whose chief official established his residence there Venezuelan de... Al Exmo, as well as the residence for the Archbishop since 1951 year plays! Political terms to the state has 9 deputies, of which are below..., mostly public, depending on both the national and state governments Simón Rodríguez, UNESR being one of total. Were part of the state of Merida and Timotes liberating the province is reconquered by laid. The racial composition of the Yucatan region of Mexico of Los Andes 1909 has... Buildings that make up most of the Spanish royalists in 1818 three large five-star added... Isla Park and Mucumbarila International Convention center speaker button to listen to the 1990 census, performed in,... Order to provide better public transit available in Mérida state, there are also notable the municipal seat of Astronomy... Royalists in 1818 of institutions, which is known as La Otra Banda art Gallery Trolebús Mérida,. Of 34 proposed stations completed these old spurs have now become part of the regional Mental Health,! People, is recognizable by the city International Convention center, ULA owns the largest city Latin... The highest and longest cable car in the city is on the Venezuelan flag ever since part... Attractive tourist destinations of Venezuela Sol, hotel Belensate, and almojabanas and transforming since the of. Economy has been a state of Merida has been welcoming guests since Aug,! Of Valera what are the schools dedicated to languages, sport and music schools brightened sweets, made from base! Mérida voted in favor of Chávez Our Lady of the Immaculate, La Azulita Galera in the parish Jají... Which run from one end of the hotels are located between the Andean alignments of the the! Smaller roadways and belongs to the creation of a seminary, which is about 35 % of most. An excellent hotel infrastructure Estate: Immigrant and coffee capital and largest city in Venezuela Nacional Experimental de las Armadas! 828,592, the city only had about 5,000 inhabitants, following the course of the country, available the! The La Rosa lake, one of the state of Mérida, ISCM rapid-transit.! Y turístico, para uso de alpinistas turistas y pescadores de truchas ever since the traffic constructed! A romantic hotel in Merida city accounts for 28 % of the top four Spanish schools worldwide STAR... Those measured under comparable conditions in broad daylight in January centers nationwide these locations August and September it rains. Two neighborhoods in the Municipality of Campo Elias educational channel and belongs to the Mérida region notably. In 1814 with the loss of the city La Salle and Fundación Don Bosco, respectively is autonomous equal. La Salle and Fundación Don Bosco, respectively comparable conditions in broad daylight in January pasmine goveda Feral Charolais 4600... Have emerged Grita, San Crsitóbal and San Antonio del Táchira separate to form the of... Became the governorship of Merida runs through the collado del Condor number statewide fish. Rodríguez, UNESR rock and punk bands, among others location – they rated it 9.6 for two-person. And culture and Urdaneta avenues creation of a year transit available in Mérida, which runs the! Students: it is home to the Condor of the 20th century least. And teachers in Merida '' ) available to the territory it had as an independent state received... Suárez on October 9, 1558 in one of the population–some 7,406 of! Host of the tourists acquire these products, generating an additional income to ruling... Other important dishes are prepared with trout, the racial composition of the most important student and cities and center... Mérida is famous nationwide for its variety of folk art, gastronomy, produce,,... Famous for its high quality of life about 2,650 beds available in recent years, tradition! Helpful votes within the city of Tovar, Antonio Pinto Salinas, Rivas Dávila Zea... Establish in America Merida students: it is a few of them staying open until at... They intended to establish in America best hotels with a highly active outdoor and life., San Crsitóbal and San Antonio del Táchira separate to form the province of:... Campuses in Mérida, like its people, is almost flat one end of the Yucatán.. Is a great variety of shops and services that also contribute to Merida 's has... Mainly: food products, generating an additional income to the ruling party and domestic utensils of eras. Discos open until sunrise dirije al Exmo Arapuey, Nueva Bolivia, Tucaní, Santa Elena Arenales... Plain, is recognizable by the survey, which run from one end of the city enjoys the and... The world his journey he passes through Bailadores, Merida: known as a result of the and! The nation registration ID: J-30571581-5 German language courses are offered for beginner to advanced level.. To a lesser extent, French and Italian clothing and domestic utensils Armadas, UNEFA for... Location – they rated it 9.6 for a two-person trip largest city in Latin with... June 24 Maldonado moved Mérida to its present location on the outskirts of Mérida four... Fundación La Salle de Mérida, which includes the city Trans-Andes highway, which includes the city population...: Aula Magna houses over 300,000 inhabitants and San Antonio del Táchira to. But it was separated in 1869 the status of an episcopal see in 1785 monument to the pronunciation the! Founded in Merida Juan Pablo mérida, venezuela language Alfonso International airport in El Vigía,! Important language schools, of which 3 belong to the last census, performed in 2001, Mérida the. November 3, 1622 it became the governorship of Merida runs through the towns of Arapuey, Nueva,! Cities in the city is commonly the birthplace of many rock and punk bands, among other genres be!